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9x Films shot in Eindhoven

Eindhoven turns out to be a perfect backdrop for all kinds of films. Exciting districts and iconic landmarks got to shine on the big screen. Discover the city from home with nine films shot in Eindhoven. Make sure to add them to your watchlist!


The film Horizonica (2006), directed by Ramont Etman, turned Eindhoven into a somewhat apocalyptic city. What to expect? Not a classic rom-com but a zombie film. The film takes you past all sorts of well-known buildings and places. The former Eurocinema, the Admirant, the Evoluon, and the Lichttoren, are all in it. Fun fact: more than 1000 volunteers worked on this film. 

De Helleveeg

De Helleveeg (2016) is about a cousin obsessed with his aunt. In this film, the viewer recognizes two neighborhoods in Eindhoven, namely the Drents Dorp and the neighborhood Tivoli, located in the Stratum district.

Groeten van Gerri

Groeten van Gerri (2020) is about getting used to working from home in a pandemic. The opening scene already starts with beautiful drone shots of Eindhoven. De Bijenkenkorf, 18 September Square, and Strijp-S, you see them all passing by in bird's-eye view. Almost the entire film takes place in the 'forbidden city,' in Blok63.


Redbad (2018) takes you back to the Early Middle Ages, shot in Eindhoven. In the center, you won't quickly run into the film's scenery. For that, you have to pay a visit to PreHistorisch Dorp (PreHistoric Village), where part of the film was shot. The museum is on a break during winter, but you travel through the eras with bread baking and trunk-tree canoeing during summer.

Favorite Nightmare

Next on: the music video by Blanks for his song 'Favorite Nightmare'. The video is only three minutes long, but both the Klokgebouw and the Piet Hein Eek grounds pass by. 


About unconditional sister love, even if one has a bad reputation. Hemelrijken (2020) is about a neighborhood with the same name, located in Woensel. The film was shot all over Eindhoven, but Woensel-West is recognizable as a backdrop.

Een Kei Fijne Film

Happy holidays, the theme for the first Kei Fijne Film (2018). Luminous vibes lit up the city for a festive feeling for everyone—the decor, all of Eindhoven. Stadshuisplein, Brainport Industries Campus, Witte Dame, and the Philips Museum all played a role. The locations are recognizable for Eindhoven residents and worth visiting in real life. 

Een Kei Fijne Film: Hotel Eindhoven

Do you want to stay in a festive mood for just a bit longer? Together with an Eindhoven-based crew, including producer Cutjongens, actor Frank Lammers and mayor Jorritsma, we produced Een Kei Fijne Film: Hotel Eindhoven (2019) as a gift to the city. Many iconic spots pass by: the Blue Collar Hotel in the Klokgebouw, YATVA, the Technical University, and the station square and the distance the Lichttoren and the Blob. 

Hey Eindje

Hey Eindje is the third film in our series of holiday films. 'Hey Eindje' (2020) shines a light during darker times. The film takes you on a journey through time with some innovation, coziness, familiar places, and people. The Evoluon has a leading role, but also Strijp-S, the Klokgebouw, Pinkie Patisserie, and 't Smitje pass by. Enjoy!