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9x Podcasts from Eindhoven

If you've never explored the wonderful world of local podcasts before, prepare your ears for a new kind of distraction and discover the city from your couch or on the road. What are you waiting for? Listen to one of these nine Eindhoven podcasts!

Pim Pam Podcast

Friends Theo Maassen and Henk van Straten spontaneously make up a word for the letter they rotate with their alphabet disk. From that word arises an uninhibited and shameless conversation between the cabaret artist and the writer. When one of them has had enough, he rings the bell and it's the end of the show. The Pim Pam Podcast appears three times a week in Dutch.

Peesjevee Podcast

THE Dutch-spoken podcast for all fans of PSV. Every week Guus Peters, Mascha Prins and Rik Elfrink discuss the latest news in the Peesjevee Podcast.

De Tekentafel

As the title suggests, De Tekentafel podcast is only available in Dutch. If you're still interested in one of our very own podcasts, we suggest listening to Unfold. Every episode, a pioneer shares their view on developments in local breeding grounds and innovation hotspots.

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Podcast Eindhoven Museum

In six episodes, Eindhoven's famous and less famous inhabitants talk about their city. In six other shorter episodes, the museum takes you through the history of Eindhoven and along the most important events of each city district. Both series are Dutch spoken.

High Tech Podcast

With more than 180 companies and institutes, High Tech Campus Eindhoven is the smartest square kilometer in Europe. In the High Tech Podcast, interviewer Ingelou Stol (formal NOS newsreader) takes you into the world of the latest technologies and innovations from the Campus.


In a cozy container at Plug-In-City, including Persian carpets and cabinets full of vinyl, the RaRaRadio team streams every week. And they don’t mince their words. Music comes first, but local nightlife and diversity are also regular topics of conversation. 


Veroordeeld tot zorg

The Woenselse Poort is a mysterious place to many Eindhoven residents. Some call it a prison, but it's not. The forensic clinic offers mental health care to people who have committed a crime and have a mental disorder. In the Dutch-spoken podcast Veroordeeld tot zorg, you hear the stories that take place behind the high fences with barbed wire. What kind of people are in here? What treatments are there? And what does a return to society look like?

Sound of Science

Flemish comedian and science fan Lieven Scheire is the presenter of the TU/e podcast series 'Sound of Science'. In this podcast series, he talks to researchers and students about the latest scientific discoveries and the role of technology in society.


This one’s for the literature fans. Slik presents thematic audio stories based on the written word. This podcast is an initiative of Watershed in Eindhoven, a platform for writers.