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Share the Vibe: tunes by Cindy van der Loon

The new Share the Vibe playlist belongs to none other than multi-talented drag artist Cindy van der Loon. Cindy, a.k.a. Paul Kuijpers, is a successful comedienne, bingo host, actress, and vogue champion. She performs all over the country, but DayDayGay is her home. In this Q&A you can read more about her selection and other musical preferences.

Q. How do you describe your connection with Eindhoven?

A. I have lived here for 5 years now and this really is my home. It is such a nice place where there is still so much to discover and to create.

Q. You have chosen 10 songs. What does this list mean to you? Why these tracks?

A. This playlist summarizes all stages of quarantine. Enjoying doing nothing for a while, missing your friends and family, the anger and powerlessness but also going hysterically mad. This list actually takes you through all those emotions.

Q. What is the best party song?

A. Dance with Somebody by Whitney Houston. That first "Whooow" is all you need to get everyone in a party mood. It even makes me happy now that I'm writing it down.

Q. What song always makes you cry?

A. Ride by Lana Del Rey. This song is so beautiful. It's so incredibly melancholic that you can't help but completely surrender to it.

Cindy van der Loon

Q. Which song describes Eindhoven for you?

A. Hometown Glory by Adele. Eindhoven is actually hard to grasp in one song. It's a city with so many cultures and different faces. It's hard to fit into one song, but it's definitely my home.

Q. Who gave the best performance ever?

A. I'm guessing Queen at Live Aid in 1985. After I saw the movie about Freddie Mercury's life I re-watched the concert and it must have been the best performance ever. Especially in times like these when we can't get together, that full stadium gives me goosebumps.

Q. Who would you like to see perform live in Eindhoven?

A. Marina (and the Diamonds) is my absolute favorite artist ever. I would love to watch her in Eindhoven. Not only is she a great singer but she also writes such sincerely beautiful, sweet and dark songs. Seeing her live in my city would really be a dream!

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