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Share the Vibe: tunes by Lukas Prins

Maybe you’re already familiar with DJ Lukas Prins: his oeuvre consists mainly of guilty pleasures, Tech House, and other big hits. He often plays some records at Stratumseind, but you might spot him outside of Eindhoven. Enjoy his picks in the newest Share the Vibe playlist.

Q. How do you describe your connection with Eindhoven?

A. This is the city where I enjoy living and where my passion for music originated.

Q. You picked some songs. What does this list mean to you? Why these tracks?

A. These are my favorite records right now. I'm sure you'll hear these when I'm deejaying somewhere.

Q. Which song describes Eindhoven for you? Why this song?

A. Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400, every inhabitant of Eindhoven shouts: EINDHOVEÉÉÉN! when this song comes on.

Q. What’s the best party song?

A. Bilal Wahib - Tigers, when playing this one you know for sure that the audience is going wild. Another great one is Daddy's Groove - Borracho, it screams dancing and summer and therefore it’s the perfect combination for all festivals.

Q. Who gave the best performance ever?

A. Together with The Partysquad, you could say we tore down Cafe-Bar 't Lempke in Eindhoven in a good way, a few years ago. I won't forget this evening soon. Coincidentally, I recently posted a picture of this evening on my socials.

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