Dr. A.F. Philips Sterrenwacht

Philips Sterrenwacht

Since 1938 the Dr. A.F. Philips Observatory has been receiving visitors of all ages who desire to experience the wonders of the universe. The 3.5 m long telescope allows one to see galaxies and gas nebulae that are millions of light-years away. Other spectacular objects that can be viewed at the observatory include craters and mountain ranges on the Moon, the famous rings around Saturn, and the moons around Jupiter.

A visit to the observatory is interesting and fun for both children and adults. Whether it is a clear night or not, let us take you on an interesting journey through the universe. It will be an inspiring experience!

English language group visits can be arranged outside of the schedule of regular public viewing nights, which are in Dutch. Please request your visit via the website.


Alberdingk Thijmlaan 3
5615 EB Eindhoven
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