SeaBas the urban fisher

Seabas Urban Fisher

We love fish. The fresher, the better. Preferably from a crystal clear torrent, straight into the pan. Unfortunately, we don’t have the time to spend the rest of our lives camping in Norway. Not only do we love fish, we also love this city. The energy, the people around us, we feel at home here.

At SeaBas we combine the best of two worlds: daily fresh fish in the Eindhoven city centre. And when we say fresh fish, we actually mean fresh fish. Within 24 hours from open sea to inner city.


Opening times

  • every Mondayclosed
  • every Tuesdayfrom 09:00 to 18:30
  • every Wednesdayfrom 09:00 to 18:30
  • every Thursdayfrom 09:00 to 18:30
  • every Fridayfrom 09:00 to 18:30
  • every Saturdayfrom 08:30 to 16:00
  • every Sundayclosed