Speakeasy Bar The Little One

The Little One Bar

The Little One Bar is the oldest and smallest pub in Eindhoven.

What lacks in space it makes up in character, atmosphere, cocktails & its selection of strong liquors.

Unlike many pubs/cafes these days it has no flashing led light, no karaoke, no blaring music. What it does have is atmosphere!!, a great barman, fine cocktails & a selection of malt whisky that woud make the most avid of collectors jealous.

The clientele is very mixed, young/old, locals/visitors, a real potpourri of people. Anything & everything (Lots of!) adorns its walls & roof for that matter. Musical instruments, farming implements, undergarments, non-paying clients, stuffed animals, etc.

f you fancy a nice cocktail ask for a 'Bobbys 1 on 1', if that doesn't tickle your fancy ask the barman to create one especially for you.

A definite must if you are in Eindhoven, take your camera along.


Jan van Lieshoutstraat 26
5611 EE Eindhoven
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