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Q park

Begijnenhof 1
5611EK Eindhoven

An independent international parking organisation.

Coffee & Sweets

Edisonstraat 107
5621 HP Eindhoven

Visit Coffee & Sweets in Woensel-West. Here you can enjoy a Morrocan breakfast including espresso's, sweet tea, smoothies, waffles, and muesli. Are...

Sandies Vintage & Design
Sandies Vintage & Design

Schootsestraat 124 A
5616 RG Eindhoven

At Sandies you'll find lots of vintage and design products, for purchase and for sale.


Geldropseweg 90 a
5611 SL Eindhoven

Bloemmarie is a flower shop specialized in the most beautiful field flowers. From lovely pastel to colorful, the bouquets come in all colors, shapes, and...

Police station

Mathildelaan 4
5611 BL Eindhoven

You can contact the police by phone, post or online or go to the police station in Eindhoven.


Aalsterweg 322
5644 RL Eindhoven

Cosmo Kappers

Rechtestraat 50 A
5611 GR Eindhoven

They are not a hair dresser in the classical kind of way. They are your personal hair guru. Your hair whisperer. They want to know how you live your life...

Radegast 040

Clausplein 6
5611 XP Eindhoven

In building de Witte Dame you'll find Radegast 040. This spot, located at the Clausplein, is the perfect spot to enjoy bites and beers with a raw edge.

Philips Fruittuin Wielewaal
Philips Fruittuin Wielewaal

Oirschotsedijk 14
5651 GC Eindhoven

12 hectares of orchard, a magnificent pancake house situated right in the middle of the green and a country store that sells home-made and local products.

Welp Restaurant
Restaurant Welp

Kleine Berg 35
5611 JS Eindhoven

Welp is trendy and warm, the hostesses are hospitable. The menu offers many international dishes, from Ravioli to Thai curry.


Stationsplein 12
5611 AB Eindhoven

Giornale excels in the best selected as the preparation and presentation of snacks. Under the motto Food Herring can tickle the taste buds perfectly in...

Stationsplein navigator

Stationsplein 1
5611 AB Eindhoven

The Stationsplein has been given its name due to its location. Right across the Central Station Eindhoven, in the heart of the city centre.

Municipality of Eindhoven
Stadskantoor Eindhoven

Stadhuisplein 10
5611 EM Eindhoven

Inhabitants of Eindhoven go to the 'inwonersplein' for questions, complaints and ideas regarding the municipality of the city of Eindhoven.

Nieuwstraat GLOW foto van Claus Langer

Nieuwstraat 1
5611 DB Eindhoven

The Nieuwstraat is located in the heart of the city centre, as a side street of the Vestdijk.


Demer 30
5611 AS Eindhoven

Woman's fashion for all ages. Comfy, elegant, sexy LolaLiza knows what woman want and need.

Onterfd Goed
Onterfd Goed

Sectie-C, hal 10
Daalakkersweg 2
5641 JA Eindhoven

At Onterfd Goed located in creative area: Sectie-C you will find hundreds of framed works of art, graphics, heritage objects and vintage in the so-called...

Mood Streetfood
MOOD Streetfood

Nieuwe Emmasingel 32
5611 AM Eindhoven

A fast-casual restaurant that serves healthy, high-quality Asian Fusion dishes at an affordable price.

Ace and Tate
Ace and Tate

Nieuwe Emmasingel 26
5611 AK Eindhoven

At Ace and Tate you score a piece of Dutch design in the form of cool sunglasses and goggles. This shop is also worth a visit for those without a prescription!

The Fat Angel
The Fat Angel

Vestdijk 17 A
5611 CA Eindhoven

At The Fat Angel u can eat at a high level and have a lovely evening. According to The Fat Angel is life to be lived to the fullest. Find out and enjoy!

Studio nr.7 Ontwerpen & Overnachten
Studio nr. 7

Kleine Bleekstraat 7
5611 VC Eindhoven

We welcome guests to spend the night at our B&B. Furthermore we are an agency that designs products and interiors.

Le Ballon Mode
Le Ballon

Markt 32
5611 EC Eindhoven

Fashion says something about who you are. At LeBallon we love to inspire our clients with the latest womens clothing and shoes.

Eindhovense Manege

Roostenlaan 309
5644 BR Eindhoven

Zowel kinderen als volwassenen zijn welkom om deze leuke sport te beoefenen.

Ici Paris | Piazza
Ici Paris

Piazza 32
5611 AE Eindhoven

ICI Paris is the beauty specialist in the Netherlands wit a wide selection of perfumes, cosmetics and skin care.

100% skateboardshop
100% Skateboardshop

Prins Hendrikstraat 103
5611 HJ Eindhoven

100% Skateboard shop, specialised in skateboards and everything that comes with it.