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5x Exhibitions for a cozy fall

Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven

The season doesn't really matter when it comes to visiting a museum. Art, culture, and inspiration are always good ideas. But now that the leaves are falling down the trees, we will spend more hours indoors. Locky for you, Eindhoven is bursting with inspiring indoor activities. And what better place to find inspiration than at an exhibition? We are listing some exhibitions for the fall that you should not miss!

Pennings Foundation - Warm Woensel West

Coming home in a warm bath is possible at the Pennings Foundation during their exhibition "Warm Woensel West" by Eindhoven photographer Kees Martens. He has spent much of his life in the Woensel West district. There he stood on the front line of the neighborhood's changes: from slum to power district. Kees Martens photographed the demolition, renovation, and the residents and explored how they feel about their reborn neighborhood.

Evoluon - Retro Future

When an exhibition makes it to the national news, it must be worth the attention. And it is! During a visit to RetroFuture, you travel back in time and look forward to the future in the iconic Evoluon. What did people think back then about the world like we know it today? And what can we learn from those future thinkers of the past? What was strange, uncomfortable, and artificial yesterday is familiar or even natural today.

Retro Future expo Evoluon

MU Hybrid Art House - Reproduction Otherwise

Birth and death are inevitable in our lives. Human beings have formed numerous social, cultural, and technological systems over the centuries around that deeply rooted fact, also known as the reproduction of life. 'Reproduction Otherwise', on show at MU Hybrid Art House, zooms in on different (queer) perspectives on human reproduction. How and why do we want and can we make humans in the future? And what role do biology, technology, and power play in this?

Van Abbemuseum - Dwarsverbanden

The long-running exhibition "Delinking and Relinking" is definitely worth a visit. You experience this exhibition not only by looking but also by tasting, smelling, and feeling. In short, you get to use all your senses! Many more exciting exhibitions are planned at the Van Abbemuseum, including during Dutch Design Week. One exhibition we are looking forward to is the smallest exhibition with the biggest impact. After last year's success, unknown artists will have the opportunity again to exhibit their work on just one square meter of surface. So, what can you expect? The only way to find out is to come by and see it.

TAC - Prophecies of Dust en Rebirth

Okay, we'll just mention two exhibitions. Since TAC (Temporary Art Centre) is under construction, that doesn't mean they are sitting still. For example, during Dutch Design Week and around it, they are organizing more than enough exhibitions that will make you want to get out of your house. Starting 14 October, you can admire the 'Prophecies of Dust' exhibition. This exhibition is about creating realities between the physical and the digital.

You might need your rain boots for the second exhibition, 'Rebirth.' After all, you'll find this one on the green grounds of the High Tech Campus. The nature art installation by Melanie Maria makes you think about our transience or the endless cycle we call 'life.'