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5x Reasons not to miss this year's STRP Festival

STRP Festival is back! From April 7 to 10, it is all about art, technology and exploring alternative scenarios for our future. This year, STRP Festival will take place at various locations in the center of Eindhoven, where international thinkers, artists and DJs will provide a mind-blowing program. What's not to miss at this year's edition? We have listed 5 must-see events.

International headliners

Singer Sevdaliza lives in the Netherlands but is best known abroad. To bring her art to life, she built a physical robot that represents 'the perfect woman'. It serves as a vehicle to convey the harsh truth about navigating in the music industry as a woman who does not conform to an industry-standard. At STRP, Dahlia will be physically shown to the world for the first time. The expo Raving Dahlia can be seen in the Chapel of DOMUSDELA.

Endless songs

This year's STRP theme is The End of Infinity. This also inspired the occasional trio JFDR x Kieran Brunt x Benjamin Glorieux. In collaboration with STRP, they composed a piece of music that is a fusion of classical music and electronic beats. The performance is an hour-long song cycle about our dealings with infinity, uncertainty, life and death.

Crypto therapy

The excitement surrounding crypto currencies has led to deep rifts in the arts community. There is usually no lack of facts and figures regarding NFTs, but how do we feel? Crypto Therapy For Mixed Crypto Feelings asks questions about our excitement, frustration, financial turmoil and perhaps even changing friendships due to the complex phenomenon of crypto currencies and NFTs.

JFDR x Kieran Brunt x Benjamin Glorieux
 Garden of Ghost Flowers

Dancing in Eindhoven's newest club

During STRP Festival you can dance the night away in Eindhoven's youngest club. International DJs will be playing a barrage of explosive beats for two nights at the Kingstonian on the Vestdijk.

Virtual reality in Piazza

In a large empty store in Piazza, you will undergo an exceptional vr experience. Garden of Ghost Flowers is a virtual creature that feeds on human resonance - networks of human qualities, such as listening, caring and adapting, expressed through the voices of the visitors who form a unique biotope from which the digital flower grows. The Ghost Flower life cycle lasts twenty minutes and can accommodate a group of up to twenty people.

STRP Festival is from 7 to 10 April 2022 at various locations in Eindhoven. Ticket info here.