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5x Winter exhibitions you don't want to miss

You're in for a treat this winter with the city's cultural offerings. Want to know what shows you need to discover during this season? Check out some of the exhibitions you don't want to miss!

Beyond Borders & Binaries 

The "Beyond Borders & Binaries" exhibition will expose contradictions that seem to increasingly divide the world. Several leading designers present their work at MU Hybrid Art House within the exciting bio-art and design world. If you are in the neighborhood on a Wednesday, step inside. It will save you a few bucks!

The Collection is ...

From Home of Design Kazerne, you can expect nothing else but an exhibition with ... design. Expanding 'The Collection is ... ' by the Van Abbemuseum, works from the collection of Lidewij Edelkoort are exhibited at the Kazerne. Similarly, autonomous design and visual art enter into dialogue with each other. Seven couples show how the disciplines have grown closer to each other and how they can form a powerful image together.

Rewinding Internationalism

The collection will be full of nostalgia for some people, while a brand new world will open up for others. During the exhibition "Rewinding Internationalism" at the Van Abbemuseum, visitors are invited to "rewind" to moments from the 1990s. Critical moments in still-fresh history, such as the end of the Cold War and increasing globalization, caused changes in today's world. 

Rewinding Internationalism

De Schaar van de Schorpioen

While strolling around the Philips Village or the Iris neighborhood, be sure to visit the exhibition "The Scissors of the Scorpion." This double-expo mixes artworks that create a unique and poetic connection with each other through unexpected encounters. And just as a scorpion has two scissors, this expo will be divided into two locations: Gallery Nasty Alice and Huis Henk Visch.

Delinking and Relinking

We know the collection "Delinking and Relinking" is already on display for a while and will be until 2025(!), but it still nourishes you with a lot of inspiration. You will use all your senses here, such as smelling, touching, and hearing. With soundscapes, tactile drawings, and scent interpretations, a broad audience will enjoy modern art at the Van Abbemuseum. As part of this long-running exhibition, it is complemented by 'Relinking' by Patricia Kaersenhout, for example. An installation for a more complete and honest picture of history. That's all we're going to say.