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6x Design hotspots

With the annually recurring Dutch Design Week and the internationally renowned Design Academy, Eindhoven is called the Design Capital of the Netherlands for a reason. Actually, this city offers great design all year round. For example at one of the following six design hotspots.

studio .ruig

In the Strijp-S district, you will find studio .ruig. Put these three designers together along with some pure materials and the result is not only a collection that fits the current zeitgeist but also a successful Dutch company. At this place, you can invest in classic garments, which complete your personality and will last a lifetime. A real hotspot for lovers who also like to dress in design. 

Piet Hein Eek

Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Piet Hein Eek is an integral part of the city. Not only is he present during the annual Dutch Design Week, but he and his work can also be found all year round in his showroom, workshop, and restaurant. Located in the old ceramic workshop of Philips, you'll find design in its complete form: to look at, to buy, and made from all kinds of materials, colors, and flavors. From his famous scrap wood furniture and tea towels to the adjoining restaurant where you can enjoy surprising taste combinations. You can even spend the night at Hotel Piet Hein Eek, where you can sleep in a Piet Hein Eek bed. 

Piet Hein Eek


An interesting place to spot design is Mariënhage, an elegant boutique hotel located in an old monastery and therefore part of the monumental heritage of Eindhoven. The exciting mix of monumental and modern design is expressed in various ways. From the stained glass to the impressive light designs of renowned Dutch design duo Studio Drift. 


‘House of Design’ is the credo of Kazerne. On the Paradijslaan, in a former military barrack with an adjoining warehouse, you will find design paradise. Here you have the opportunity to dine surrounded by design, visit changing exhibitions of both established designers and newcomers, and dream of design in one of the spectacular hotel rooms. And if you’re craving even more, then pay a visit to their in-house design shop! 



Yksi breathes Dutch Design. That means that everything you see is invented, designed, and almost always made in the Netherlands. You buy the design from external designers, well-known brands but also from the brand Yksi itself. Yksi also hosts expositions. During which you will find design presented in a mix with architecture, art, and technology. 


Onomatopee is also called the '[Un]decided Design Museum' of Eindhoven. Where you can find design in book form, which is always accompanied by a boundary-pushing exhibition. In an unconventional manner, all disciplines seem to come together; graphic designers, artists, creative writers and more join forces and plead for progressivity. Not only will you find the work of Onomatopee in our own city, but also in the New York City MoMa.