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7x Exhibitions to get the spring in your step

Yes, spring's here! The world seems a lot happier, more beautiful, and overall just better! Spring is also the perfect time to take a fresh look at the world. Still stuck in winter mode? These exhibitions will swing you right into spring! 

Radically Mine 2024 @Van Abbemuseum | till June 4

What do you get when you send a large group of schoolchildren and students into a museum and ask them to make artworks based on the collection? You will find out at Van Abbemuseum in the coming months. This year, young people will be tackling themes such as solidarity. The result? Many new perspectives. Radically Mine is definitely a must-see!

Tegenoverelkaargesteld @Galerie Nasty Alice | 22 April to 18 June

Always looking for cohesion in art collections? Well, not this time! Instead, the works at Gallery Nasty Alice by artists Bert Loerakker and Rogier Walrecht face each other head-on. The title of the exhibition, Tegenoverelkaargesteld, is a wordplay on two Dutch words for ‘opposites’. Find dialogue with the abstract works and dreamy worlds that tell their own stories. Want to be sure of a good conversation? Take someone with you to the exhibition! For example, on a sunny day between 22 April and 18 June.

Van Abbemuseum

Het beeld hervonden @Pennings Foundation | 13 May to 24 June

Photographs can be extremely valuable to us. This exhibition featuring the work of artist Rudi Struik proves this once again. Especially when you manage to capture the only hope that remains in times of catastrophe. Using part of the archive of Iranian photographer Parisa Damandan, Rudi created an impressive mixed-media installation around the 2016 earthquake in southern Iran.

OX @KEVN | till 14 May

Imagine yourself stuck in a traffic jam, looking out the window, and seeing some boring advertising on a giant billboard. This is exactly what French artist OX must have been doing. Of course, that's not his name, but the artist has turned over 500 billboards worldwide into abstract masterpieces. Only a glimpse, or rather scraps, of his work will be on display for a month at Kelderman and Van Noort.

Hybrid Tales for Hybrid Times @MU Hybrid Art House | 5 May until 27 August

MU Hybrid Art House's 25th birthday party will be celebrated with the 'Hybrid Tales for Hybrid Times' exhibition. Already more than a quarter of a century, they know how to push (and cross) the boundaries of current themes, social developments, and future-oriented (digital) art. This hybrid energy will be reflected within MU's walls in the coming months. Whatever the case, it will be worth your time!

COVA Art Gallery

HOLES @Salon Veneman | Permanent

Life is not all sunshine and rainbows. The same applies to our organ of smell: the nose. Noses come in all shapes and sizes, with piercings, crooked partitions, or even nosebleeds. And sometimes, we wish we couldn't smell anything at all. At Salon Veneman, you'll find the (w)hole collection of noses. Time for a breath of fresh air, we think!

What's missing is on purpose nothing @COVA Art Gallery | till 28 May

Don't worry if the title seems unclear, we're here to help! Zdenek Konvalina, a Berlin based multidisciplinary artist, explores the connection between different materials and the expression of ideas and motion in his paintings. Essentially, his art is all about "movement." With a background as a talented ballet dancer, Konvalina has a keen sense of nuance that shines through in his work.