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GLOW at TU/e

The Eindhoven University of Technology is back in the game. GLOW turns de Groene Loper into a playground, where bright ideas, light, and innovation are in the lead. Here's a list of several must-sees!

How to get to the TU/e campus

The TU/e campus is located a stone's throw away from Central Station and is easy to walk. Via the Kennedyplein, you reach the intersection, after which you only have to cross the Limbopad. On to De Caai? Go through the Silly Walks tunnel!

Everything you need to know about GLOW

Is GLOW entirely new for you, or are you just curious about what this year's light art festival looks like? Here are our answers to the most frequently asked questions.

All practical info

Eye of Atlas @Atlas building

What is the role of light in seeing? A difficult question for which there are several answers, such as 'Visual Fire' of ancient Greek philosopher Empedocles. Very appropriately, the Eye of Atlas plays with this principle. Follow the work of Philip Ross, and who knows what will catch your eye.

The installation mentioned above is made possible by the state-of-the-art lighting systems on the TU/e Campus. Thanks to the intelligent and energy-efficient design, the Atlas building was awarded the most sustainable educational building in the world. 

The Ballroom @De Markthal

Do you know that feeling of being entirely absorbed by the crowd? Something you may have missed during the pandemic. The Ballroom allows you to dance surrounded by strangers, professional dancers, and dancing beams of light—all to the music of student orchestra Quadrivium.

Warm up inside!

After a long round of viewing impressive light installations, you are probably ready to have a break. At the TU/e campus you can do so at de Zwarte Doos. We can highly recommend it! 

Sound good!

Bouncing Ideas @Limbopad

A well-known phenomenon translated into a playful work of light art. Bouncing Ideas is a symbolic translation of the thought process. The lights that are bouncing along continue to surprise: Boing! Boing! Where do the thoughts go next?

Even more GLOW at TU/e

We've only highlighted some of the works at the TU/e campus. For the whole program visit the website of GLOW!

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