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GLOW in the center

The years of people shuffling through the center in huge crowds during GLOW are behind us, but that doesn't mean there is nothing to see in the heart of Eindhoven. Want to know which light artworks you should not miss? Find out here!

By train or car to GLOW

Eindhoven has two stations, Eindhoven Central Station and Station Strijp-S. At these stations, both intercity trains and sprinters stop. You can plan your trip with the Travel Planner on or Google Maps.

All roads lead to ... Eindhoven. From Amsterdam/Utrecht you can drive to Eindhoven via the A2, from Rotterdam/Tilburg via the A58, from Antwerp via the A67 and from Arnhem/Nijmegen via the A50. On this website, you will find all the parking facilities in the city.  

Everything you need to know about GLOW

Is GLOW entirely new for you, or are you just curious about what this year's light art festival looks like? Here are our answers to the most frequently asked questions.

All practical info

Porte Celesti @the entire center

You may already have spotted them in the city center: the large white gates with lights. These Porte Celesti - heavenly gates - are a nod to baroque theater and Renaissance festivals. Festive, full of light and liveliness. These beautiful gates - no less than 20 in total - will stay up until the second week of January, lighting up the city during the holiday season!

New Mutants @Student Society SSRE

Viruses don't have a good name these days. Yet, they possess a certain beauty if you zoom in close enough. Especially for anyone who is not a microbiologist, artist Har Hollands and student association SSRE will show the artistic side of viruses. In short: New Mutants is a fascinating and colorful work of light art. You can find the student association at Vestdijk 22.

Super Nova @Pullman

Super Nova at Pullman Hotel is best described as a colorful kinetic trip. The artwork consists of 24 wheels that all seem to lead their own lives. Looking at them is soothing and fascinating at the same time. For Supernova, the makers were inspired by kinetic art and liquid dias from the 1960s. The installation is made of wood, covered in textile.  


The project Domus Luma was designed specifically for the former Augustinian Church, now known as DOMUSDELA. Artist Yann Nguema combines projection, light and laser to create an innovative and poetic narrative. Nguema has digitally recreated all 50,000 stones of the church, so he truly brings the building to life with light. 

Inside the church, you will find the Wish Factory. Here you can light a digital candle for yourself or a loved one, after which your wish is projected on one of the pillars of the church. 

Good to know: from DOMUSDELA, you can walk towards De Caai along the canal. 

Even more GLOW in the heart of Eindhoven

Want to know what else to see in the center? Check out the website of GLOW!

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