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GLOW: this is where you take the most beautiful photos!

GLOW brings out the best in every (amateur) photographer. But where to take the best shots for your Insta, blog or photo album this year? We have listed the most instagrammable light artworks for you!

Ode to Light @De Melkfabriek at De Caai

Ode to Light is a three-dimensional light show in a gigantic factory hall at De Caai. Here, you will be engulfed by a tsunami of colors and shapes. Whether you like it or not, you become part of the light artwork. Time for a selfie!

Porte Celesti @the entire city center

Throughout the city center, you will find large white gates, covered in lights. These Porte Celesti - heavenly gates - are a nod to baroque theater and Renaissance festivals. Festive, full of light and liveliness. You'll find as many as 20 in and around the city center, so take your pick!

Sunflowers for Van Gogh @Nuenen  

A colorful ode to Van Gogh: the impressive luminous sunflowers in Nuenen. This satellite project is a bit of a trip from the city center, but really worth it for the enthusiastic photographer. You will find the sunflowers at the spot where Vincent van Gogh painted his first masterpiece 136 years ago: next to windmill De Roosdonck.


Footprint @Ketelhuisplein at Strijp-S

We stay in the colorful mood with Footprint: the artwork by Hugo Vrijdag on the Ketelhuisplein. He uses light projections to create a large green valley of no less than five hectares, with a footprint made of flowers in the middle. Footprint makes us aware of our impact on the planet, impressive and beautiful at the same time.

PING @Chinese Pavilion at Strijp-S

The brand new Chinese pavilion at Strijp-S transforms into a light artwork with the installation PING, in which ancient forms of communication play a leading role. Get your phone or camera at the ready, and let yourself be entranced by the (illusion of) smoke signals, drums and fire beacons!