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STRP tip: De Heuvel

During the STRP Festival, the top floor of the shopping center Heuvel will be the stage for extraordinary installations. Discover the work of young creators, hear impressive stories from a women's prison, or make music with a work you may remember from the last DDW. You can admire all these works with an STRP ticket in your pocket. Enjoy!


Shopping center De Heuvel, Eindhoven, on the top floor. Heuvel Galerie 133. 

How to get there?

From the Central Station, it is less than a 10-minute walk to the entrance of the indoor mall close to Vapiano. Take the escalator up, and you're there!

Need a ticket? 

You will need an STRP ticket to check out all the works at the Heuvel. Check out our practical information for all tickets available.

Why would you want to go here?

There is a lot to see and do during the festival, so make sure to visit De Heuvel. The upper floor features five works, where you are guaranteed to learn something new. Thanks to the educational program, among others. Are you combining your shopping trip with the festival? Then this part of STRP is within reach. 


Our recommendations:

  • OYAYI: Listen to the voices and heartbeats of women inside a Philippine prison. What is going through their heads while nobody is listening? Artist collective KWAGO managed to capture this with poetry sessions in prison. As the women read their poems, KWAGO recorded their heartbeats. By listening deeply to these stories, the thoughts and prayers of these women come to light.

  • Liminal Lands: Jakob Kudsk Steensen is a Danish artist working with spatial narratives through 3D animation, soundscapes, and installations. For Liminal Lands, he spent several months in the saltwater region of Camargue, France. The installation and VR experience will drag you into the crystallized world of the Camargue. This close intimacy with the environment allows you to feel the pulsating rhythm of life in the landscape.

  • Spacemakers: Spacemakers is an STRP educational program that challenges young people to think and rise above their expectations. Students from Eindhoven schools such as Fontys Hogeschool, Sint Lucas, and Summa College collaborated with artists to create their projects. All around the topic of "The Art of Listening.” To highlight one, the young talents made their feelings tangible through the VR installation "What a time to be alive."

Everything you need to know about STRP Festival

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