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STRP tip: Microstad

Hot news: Microtuin goes by the name of Microstad these days. You might know this place from the Graduation Show of Dutch Design Week 2022. If not, just take our word for it that it's a cool place. Like to know what this venue has in store for you? Meditative sessions, four-dimensional installations, the STRP scenarios, and more! 


Microstad is located at Professor Doctor Dorgelolaan 2, Eindhoven. 

How to get there?

Microstad is about a five-minute walk from Eindhoven Central Station. Turn right on the north side (near the buses) and you will see it on the right.

Need a ticket?

Yes. Is it your mission to visit the expo? Then score your ticket here. Would you also like to attend the scenarios (talks and presentations)? Then you need a separate ticket. You can read more about ticketing in our practical info guide.

Why would you want to go here?

We touched on it a moment ago: Microstad is a new cultural hotspot with studios, workplaces and restaurants. Microstad is this year's base of the festival; it's super central, you exchange your online ticket for a wristband here, and it's home to most (about eight works) of the expo. Before we forget: the STRP Stage can also be found here, which is the place to catch a talk or presentation. 

STRP Music
STRP Music

Our recommendations:

  • Cosmic Radio: Do you still listen to the radio? Maybe not in the way you would expect, but subconsciously you're always listening. In fact, researchers found an unknown cosmic sound, which turned out to be cosmic radiation. Learn more about this unknown cosmic sound and radio as a tool for rebellion and means of collective listening. 

  • Here Us Out: During this meditative exercise, you are invited to listen in on a conversation about the power and purpose of creative expression.  

  • Dispersions 0.3: Did you know there are more ways than just listening with your ears? The multisensory installation Dispersions 0.3 explores the relationship between sound, wind, fog, movement, and space.

  • Scenarios: Fixed part of the program and your chance to learn more about the festival's annual theme. Features; artists, co-creators, philosophers, and more.

  • Open Field: At the last minute, STRP Festival managed to make room for their good old musical program. Their effort alone makes it a must-visit. From 20:00 to 01:00 you can experience the performances of an all-female lineup. Including immersive art and DJ sets. Enjoy!

Residency for the People

In need of a break? STRP has thought of everything. The festival has an official base and is at Residency for the people. Ideal for a tasty snack, a red wine, and a unique listening show. All weekend you can listen to the 'Misophony Symphony' to draw attention to the hatred of sound.

Give me a break!