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STRP tip: St Catherine’s Church

This work of art is reaching for the sky! Artist Guillaume Cousin's installation constitutes the "voice" of the invisible. Even when we're quiet, thousands of invisible particles are moving around us. Broaden your perspective in the Catharina Church by taking the time for the artwork "Le Silence des Particules." It already sounds beautiful!


Catharinakerk Eindhoven. Catharinaplein 1, Eindhoven. 

How to get there?

This beautiful church can not be missed. From the Central Station, it's a short 10-minute walk. Coming from the main location Microstad? Then it will take you up to 15 minutes. You'll find this church behind the STRP-location de Heuvel. The ideal combination, we would say.


Need a ticket?

This work can be visited without a festival ticket.

Why would you want to go here?

Slow down for a minute with this impressive work. Over a time period of 20 minutes, the "smoke rings" move slowly through space, become thinner, and eventually disappear. In fact, the natural phenomenon of these rings are similar to us as humans. Our bodies are made of identical invisible particles that are constantly interacting. Experience that unconscious influence for yourself in the neo-Gothic church.

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