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Cooling the mind: 7x Summer exhibits

Fancy some fresh inspiration this summer? Get your fix at one of the many cool museums and artspaces in Eindhoven. We've listed some must-visits for you!

Shifting Views @ KEVN | 16 July to 27 August

After seeing these colorful paintings, you'll never look at a blank canvas the same again. The works of visual artist Anuli Croon will make you stick around and grab your attention. When visiting Shifting Views, please take the time to absorb her works from different angles. Yes, even upside down!

Positions #7: Everything worthwhile is done with other people @ Van Abbemuseum | till 24 September

In unity, there is strength, right? Exactly! At Van Abbemuseum, these collaborations between international and local artists groups resulted in the constructive show Positions #7. From a temple full of flowers with medicinal properties to edible clay cakes, and from analog film to interactive installations. Our suggestion: experience this exhibition with someone else. 

Hybrid Tales For Hybrid Times @ MY Hybrid Art House | till 27 August

Hip, hip, hurrah! The 25th anniversary of MU Hybrid Art House is celebrated with the exhibition Hybrid Tales For Hybrid Times. This evolving exhibit will dive into everything MU has been great at for the past quarter century. And you guessed it: it's all about hybrid art combined with hot social topics. And the best part: MU is free to visit every Wednesday!

RetroFuture at Evoluon

RetroFuture @ Evoluon | till 3 September

This summer, it's your final call to visit RetroFuture at the flying saucer (better known as the Evoluon) and travel back to the future. Wander around the futuristic worlds of dreamers, designers, and visionary thinkers from yesteryear. Take your time because the UFO-looking building has lots to discover for all ages. And while you're there: score an algae snack from the vending machine and visit the Eindhoven Design District exhibition.

HOLES @ Salon Veneman | permanent

Life is not all sunshine and rainbows. The same applies to our organ of smell: the nose. Noses come in all shapes and sizes, with piercings, crooked partitions, or even nosebleeds. And at Salon Veneman, you'll find the (w)hole collection of noses. Time for a breath of fresh air, we think! 

Gerard @ Philips Museum | till 8 October

In your house, you'll find something from Philips, no doubt. But what do you know about Philips? One of the founders, Gerard Philips, laid the foundation for the empire over 130 years ago. Well, that man deserves a statue. Oh, wait, he has one! The impressive seven-meter high structure stands tall in the Gloeilampplantsoen at Strijp-T (just a short walk from Strijp-S, a great place for a design lover like you). Are you visiting the exhibition Gerard with the kids during the summer holidays? Join the Museum Kids Factory, where your little techies can learn everything about technology through fun activities.

World Press Photo 2023 @ TU/e | 5 to 26 September

We can't get enough, so we'll share one more! The World Press Photo exhibition is returning to the TU/e campus featuring exceptional press photography from the past year. The topics being covered are truly impressive, from the conflict in Ukraine to the effects of climate change and the demonstrations in Iran. Looking for that wow effect? Here you go!