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You don't want to miss this student show: 3x talents from Crafted

From gifted bakers to top-notch fashion designers, meet the makers of tomorrow at Crafted 2022. The annual festival of Summa College presents the work of two thousand talented students on June 30. The show in the Klokgebouw at Strijp-S is free to visit. Come and experience yourself which vocational training might suit you!

In the run-up to Crafted, we spoke with three students from various programs.


Ilona Janssen


Fashion/tailored clothing specialist

What did you learn in your training?
‘Everything about designing and making a garment for someone: I follow fashion trends, take measurements from the customer and develop patterns. Then I make the garment. So really a custom design.

What is the most important thing you learned?
‘I learned how to express my creativity physically. When I was studying Styling before, I learned how to sketch designs. Something I loved doing. But I didn't have the skills to realize them. In this training, they taught me all the steps from a piece of fabric to a couture piece.’

What are you going to show at Crafted?
‘The French fashion designer Julien Fournié inspired me. He has a very dark but also romantic style. The collection for Crafted is called Être vu, which means ‘to be seen’. With this theme, I want to show that you can step into the foreground and be seen. My models wear dark silhouettes that they can drop off so that colorful garments emerge.’

Sounds cool! Can we come and watch?
‘Yes, the fashion show is on June 30 at the Klokgebouw, and everyone is welcome!’

You have completed your training. What are you going to do now?
‘I'm going to work full-time at Ann & John Bridal Fashion. I was already working there on Saturdays, but now I will be fully involved. From measuring and selling to tailoring the dresses. And my ultimate dream? Costume design. I would love to make theatrical costumes for musicals or theme parks like Disneyland and Efteling.’

And can we follow you online?
‘Sure, on Instagram @AtelierIlonaJanssen.’


Kayleigh Nas



What did you learn in your training?
‘We learned to make authentic sourdough bread without bread improver or ready-made ingredients.’

What is the most important thing you learned?
‘To go back to the basics. I live in the Achterhoek region and have spent the past year working with farmers. With local grains, I learned how to make beautiful pieces of bread.’

Do you travel to Eindhoven every day?
‘No, that's too far. I have classes in Eindhoven on Mondays and Tuesdays. Sunday nights and Monday nights, I always sleep in a hotel in Hilvarenbeek so I can get to school quickly. I live in the Achterhoek, where I work at a bakery.’

What are you going to show at Crafted?
‘My showpiece is a tribute to the Achterhoek. I have recreated a famous tower of my village Ulft with bread. The soccer club De Graafschap and the Achterhoek flag will also be part of the presentation.’

Can we also admire this ode to your home ground?
‘Yup, it will be displayed in the Klokgebouw building all day on June 30.’

You have completed your training. What are you going to do now?
‘After the summer, I will start training as a pastry chef to broaden my skills. Eventually, I would like to teach, preferably at Summa College. I want to set the bar high and get the best out of my students, just as they taught me.’


Massimo Heijnsdijk 


International Engineering

What did you learn in your training?
‘Everything about mechanics and electronics: you will learn the basics of programming, PCB design, and control technology. But also how to work with your hands. So milling, welding, and maintenance.’

What is the most important thing you learned?
‘To turn an idea into a step-by-step plan and realize the product. Our educational system is almost entirely project-based. We have practically no exam weeks anymore, only deadlines for an assignment.’

And everything is in English?
‘Yes, this is a completely English-spoken training. About half of the students come from abroad. We also collaborate with international partners, such as in Sweden and Nepal. You can also pursue an internship abroad.’

What are you going to show at Crafted?
‘An automated Hot Wheels race track. Our self-programmed robots keep the cars moving around in the loop. The robots put the vehicles back on the track each time.’

Can we come and visit?
‘Yes, you can! The Hot Wheels track will be displayed at the Klokgebouw on June 30. Just like very cool products from fellow students, such as homemade headphones, arcade game machines, and a huge steel whale with which we draw attention to the problem of plastic soup.’

You are a third-year student, so one more year to go. Do you already know what you want to do after this?
‘I want to become a teacher at a secondary vocational school. I am already teaching prospective students so that they can get a taste of the training.’

Crafted 2022 will take place in the Klokgebouw at Strijp-S on June 30. The event is free to visit. The fashion show is also freely accessible. Do you want to be sure of a good view of the catwalk? Then we recommend buying a ticket for 5 euros.

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