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10x Gift tips to drink & enjoy

Finding the perfect gift is no easy task. Maybe we're a little biased, but you can't go wrong with a present from (or on) Eindhoven soil. Check our list of gift tips to drink: from a tasting of Award-winning beers to a distillery tour. Cheers!


Stadsbrouwerij (city brewery) is a favorite among many beer lovers with its 100 Watts beers. Not only fun to taste but also to give! Available: gift packages of award-winning brews, a voucher for the cafe, and brewery tours. Sounds great, right?

Van Moll

The beloved brewery cafe, the delicious beers, and the annual festival. Van Moll has enriched the city for years. Compile your own selection of specialty beers, pay for a round, or score some tickets for the beer fest. Whichever you choose, you will have a great time! 

Bottle Distillery

Also made in Eindhoven are the spirits by Bottle Distillery. Gin, rum, vodka, beer brandy, and liqueurs. They produce and sell it at their distillery with an in-house liquor store in the Caai. A bottle of a little something is an excellent gift on and of itself, but an even more incredible thing to gift is the workshops and tours. This way, you can create a beautiful memory together.

Bottle Distillery
Bottle Distillery

Brouwerij het Veem

Amid the forbidden city, better known as Strijp-S, is another Eindhoven spot with a penchant for brewing, namely Brouwerij het Veem. Scoring a gift is not a difficult task with a store of 70 square meters of surface area. The choice is easy with favorites like Techno Tripel and Innovator Blond.

Varna Wijnen

Are you looking for a local and tasty gift? Then Varna Wijnen is a must-visit. Owner and self-proclaimed wine rebel Varna Asher will tell you all about wine and is happy to help you find the right bottle as a gift.

Bottle Distillery


Beers, beers, beers! At this store on the Bergstraat, you can get, you guessed it, beer. Smooth, heavy, local, and even internationally brewed specialty beers. In short: de Bierbrigadier has plenty of gifts to toast with. PS the snacks from BUIK are also great.

Bottle Shop

With in-house beer sommeliers and a registered vinologist, everything can function as a gift at the Bottle Shop. There are enough options from chic wines to beers with an exterior as good as its contents.

Bottle Distillery
Bottle Distillery

KURK Organic Wines

Of course, you can also go to Woensel-West for a gift to drink, take wine boutique KURK. And the best part: all the wines are organic. Next to some excellent wines, you will find a selection of spirits that also make a great gift.


At Roadshakers, your cocktail is a message away. All you have to do is choose from the ready to pour boxes. Dark & stormy, espresso Martini, Moscow mule. It's up to you! And remember, a cocktail a day ...


It's hard to believe, but there is more to whisky than beer, wine, and cocktails! Not the first gift you think of, but certainly not the least. At least if you get your goods at Whiskylab on the Edisonstraat. Besides big bottles, they also have little tasting bottles to try at home and tastings. It will taste good for sure!