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14x Restaurants for a romantic Valentine's dinner

February is here, and you know what that means: Valentine's Day is coming. Want to give your lover, friend, or special someone the ultimate surprise? The answer is a romantic candlelit Valentine's dinner. Because the way to your lover's heart is through their stomach: the fourteen restaurants on this list can confirm this.

OZZO food & drinks

Perhaps, sushi is not the best idea for the new lovebirds among us; think chopsticks and soybeans (do you eat them with or without the skin). Anyway, for the more advanced sushi lovers, OZZO's luxury sushi box is an excellent idea. Nigiri, sashimi, maki, and all kinds of side dishes. Great to share. Pick up your order on February 12, 13, or 14 at the mini-market Moes de Pom.

Dijk 9

Love is ... surprising your sweetheart with a home-cooked meal, but preferably with the help of a pro. Dijk 9 gives you a hand: their Valentine's menu is as good as finished and only needs a sprinkle of love. That way, you can spend the rest of the evening at the table. PS don't have the skills of Gordon Ramsey? You can also reserve a table at the restaurant ;) 

Fifth NRE

Aaah love. A fantastic phenomenon and Fifth NRE agrees. Just found a new love, or do you want to reignite your flame? With 'the love at first bite'-menu, you will undoubtedly succeed. Three courses, a shared dessert, and a love cocktail later, your romance will be stronger than ever.


El Puente

It seems like you have to pull out all the stops during the international day of love. And to be honest, we only feed that idea with this list of romantic restaurants. At the end of Stratumseind, El Puente has their Valentine's menu ready: four or five courses with influences from all corners of the world, just the way love likes it. 

Brasserie BLOOM

Cupid is coming! Whether you're happy about that or not (the arrow looks quite painful to us). In the case of Brasserie BLOOM, you will like what's coming. BLOOM will make love bloom, both at home and at the restaurant on Wilhelminaplein, with the help of their chocolate-filled heart. *drool*

Lobster & Ox

For lovers of luxury (aren't we all?), Lobster & Ox is the only answer. Especially for Valentine's Day, they are open on Monday. Champagne, oysters, lobster. Making a reservation is a treat in and of itself. And the best is yet to come: on Valentine's Day, they pamper couples with a surprise menu. 


Valentine's Day, Luzt likes it a lot. A small representation of how the most romantic evening of the year will go down at Luzt: you start the evening with a glass of champagne (our suggestion), and an amuse. Then follow the first, second, third, and fourth courses. The dessert is just sweet enough, just the way you and your partner like it. Last but not least: the evening comes to a close with a mocktail or cocktail. The perfect night out. 


Victoria by Goyvaerts

The Goyvaerts brothers know the way to your heart. Their restaurants Goyvearts and Victoria by Goyvaerts might add to that. Gaze into your lovers' eyes, enjoy good food, and drink on your love. The only thing that's left to do now is make a reservation

Dinner in Motion

Dinner in Motion comes up with a Valentine's Day special every year. Unfortunately, we have to disappoint you for Valentine's Day 2022; they are fully booked. Lucky for you, every night is equally spectacular, and you can bring your crush on any day given day throughout the year. 


Are you ready for one of our favorite restaurants in town? AprazĂ­vel, on the picturesque Bergstraat, will soon be your fave too. It starts with one romantic dinner, and before you know it, you find your way to this Portuguese restaurant every year. 

Thomas Eindhoven


With VANE's exclusive Valentine's dinner, love reaches new heights (the restaurant is on the thirteenth floor of the Groene Toren). The cooking skills of chef Casimir Evans and the exquisite view over Eindhoven will definitely elevate your evening.


Are you looking for a change of pace? We've got an idea! Gezana might not have a Valentine's Day menu, but it does have something better. What could be more fun than feeding each other Eritrean and Ethiopian snacks by hand? We certainly can't think of anything.


Thomas on Stratumseind is fun for both down-to-earth couples and couples with rose-colored glasses. There won't be rose petals, hearts, and cupids, just good food in a beautiful pink setting. 

Brasserie Rita

Can't celebrate love on Valentine's Day? This might be your lucky day! At Brasserie Rita, you can celebrate love from Friday, February 11 through Monday, February 14 (Valentine's Day) while enjoying a five-course dinner by chef Ron van de Wiel. Add a glass of champagne, and you've got yourself and your lover an unforgettable night. 

Cheers! To love!