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5x Spots to get a fall beer

Fall is here and bock season is in full swing! These are five places in Eindhoven where you can get yourself a tasty fall beer. 


Stadsbrouwerij is located in a former textile factory: the Schellensfabriek. Here, they brew around 30 of their own beers. Wave the summer goodbye with an autumnal bock beer (in your other hand). 

Our suggestion: Bye Bye Summer - Bockbier (6% 

Van Moll

The brewers of Van Moll are crazy about beer. They drink beer, taste beer, and of course, they brew beer. Wheat beer, stout, and India pale ale. Geuze, Saison, and Rauch. Here you can find it all. Good news! They have a webshop too! 

Our suggestion: Opgebokt! - Chocolate Doppelbock (7.2%)

Gastrobar Luzt

The owners of Stadsbrouwerij were ready for a new challenge, resulting in Luzt Gastrobar. It's no surprise that the specialty beers are indispensable here too. Entirely in the theme, you can taste four beers here: Amor, Cupid, Eros, and Psyche. It's love (or Luzt) at first sight. 

Our suggestion: Eros - Tripel (8,5%)

Van Moll


This shop has a wide range of craft beers from home and abroad. Always a minimum of 600 different beers. From regionally brewed beer to limited editions and cider: De Bierbrigadier might be the best beer shop in Eindhoven. 

Our suggestion: Prototype no. 3 - Bock beer (6.5%)

Radegast 040

In the Witte Dame at Clausplein, you'll find Radegast 040. Their concept is called 'beers and bites' for a reason. So, don't forget to order the perfect snack to match your fall beer!

Our suggestion: Zeezuiper - Tripel (8%)