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6x Fully vegan restaurants

These days, you can order a vegan dish almost anywhere. Yay! But are you fed up with avocado on rye? We get it. You need vegan junk food, bitterballen, and fine dining. Check out our selection of 100% vegan restaurants, that will fix all your cravings. Enjoy!

Vegan Junk Food Bar (VJFB)

Loaded fries, burgers, spare ribs, bitterballen, vegan calamari. Most vegans have to miss out on all this goodness (poor you). Luckily, Vegan Junk Food Bar serves it to you like no other. This information has probably made your day already. Well take it up a notch and point you towards their cocktail menu. VFJB 4 President! 

Vegan Heroes

The way to the heart is through the stomach, and we love Vegan Heroes. This awesome vegan restaurant has been a must-visit, or rather a must-order, among vegans and probably the rest of Eindhoven for many years. Check out their menu, and you will understand why (Kimchi Karbdashian, we're talking about you). They started at Strijp-S, and are now located in a fancy new place at the Willemstraat. Slick interior included. 


Robust, Burgundian, a bit rough, but above all, #keivegan. At Stratumseind, you'll find numerous culinary highlights between the bars and clubs. Calypso is one of them. There's no need to convince you with a trump card like this: Granny Bob's bitterballen. We'll see you there! 


Tea Stories

Are you looking for a cozy place for vegan goodies at Strijp-S? Then Tea Stories is the place to be. From matcha affogato (a divine dessert of espresso, matcha, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream) to sesame buns stuffed with portobello steak. Is your mouth watering yet? Sorry, not sorry. 

Bij Albrecht

Vegan and fine dining are no strangers to each other. Manfred Albrecht proves this like no other in his private dining restaurant. Suppose you have never seen Manfred Albrecht at work (shame!), then you have two things to do: first, make a reservation at Bij Albrecht, and second, watch his Hungry for Design video as a tasty sneak preview. PS, did you know that Manfred was a semi-finalist for the prestigious Vegan Masters award in 2021? Now you do!

Jungle Café 

A vegan version is a must in the age of baby cappuccinos (cappuccinos for children). For that, you can best knock on the door of Jungle Café in Woensel-West. The ideal place for when the whole family is into the vegan lifestyle. The toast with vegan salmon, a cinnamon coconut bun, or soup of the day sounds delicious, but the play corner makes everyone happy. Thank us later.

Tea Stories
Tea Stories