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6x Healthy food to recover from Carnival

Your body is a temple, but in case you went on a beer-infused rampage the past few days, then that temple could use some extra love. Chances are, you don't feel like stepping into the kitchen to prepare a healthy meal this week. Don't worry, these six places will help you and that poor body of yours get back on your feet in no time.

Breakfast for champions at The Happiness Café 

What you need is comfort food that's also good for you. The Happiness Café is the place to be. Treat yourself to a 'Happiness açai bowl' brimming with antioxidants or a 'Healthy winter salad' that will make you feel fit as a fiddle. Add a ginger shot, and you'll be as good as new. 

Soothing dairy from Yoghurt Barn

Heartburn, the great torment of every Carnival enthusiast. After days of greasy snacks and beer, that stomach of yours is probably in a state of disarray. Grandmothers advise us that a bowl of yogurt works wonders against acid reflux. Whether that's true or not, worst-case scenario, you have a delicious bowl of yogurt in your belly. For the lactose-intolerant hungover hero's among us: the Yoghurt Barn also offers plant-based options!

Healing broth from PHOOD Kitchen & Bar

Maximum hydration is the very best cure for a hangover. You can just drink a glass of water (or twenty), but a much better option is a delicious broth-based meal from PHOOD. Your sodium levels will be replenished as well. At PHOOD, they swear by an alkaline diet to de-acidify. You can read how that works on their website, but it sure sounds tempting, doesn't it? 


Refueling your Omega-3 levels at Merlin or SeaBas!

We eat herring after Carnival for a reason. Okay, for some people, it's mainly about ringing in Lent. But fat fish also does wonders for your physical condition. So, jump on your bike to Merlin Seafood or run to SeaBas to catch yourself a herring, mackerel, or eel. More tips to feel like a fish in the water again? (Sorry, not sorry). Check out our 5x seafood take-aways

Healing shakes at Anne & Max or ZwartWit

Can't handle solid food yet? We've got you! At Anne & Max, you can drink yourself back to life with one of their nutritious shakes. Choose one of the classics, like the Energyshake (it's in the name), or the Berry Baobab. Do you prefer something a little more adventurous? At ZwartWit Koffie, they will welcome you with open arms, and a juice called 'the juice of the century'. Just reading this makes us feel healthier. Imagine how amazing you will feel after actually drinking it. Cheers! 

A superb bowl at Good Food Republic

Good Food Republic is the perfect place for that healthy bite you're craving! At NRE terrein, they know exactly what's good for your hangover. After all, carefully restoring some nutrients is essential! SoupaBowl's soups and salads are not only very nutritious but also very tasty! Here are three of our favorites: Soupa Bowl Salmon, Roasted Vegetables and falafel, or the Singapore Laksa Soup. This will get you back on your feet in no time!

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