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7x Gluten free food spots

Are you looking for gluten-free food spots or grocery stores? Then this is a list for you! In Eindhoven, there are plenty of restaurants and other places that offer gluten-free dishes or products. From breakfast to dinner and from bites to pastries, check out these seven food spots!

Note: Despite the fact that the restaurants and spots stated above take allergens into account and offer gluten-free dishes, there is a risk of cross-pollination. To be sure, please contact them yourself!

Bagels & Beans

Bagels & Beans has a separate bagel on the menu, especially for gluten-free guests. Hot, cold, topped, or just plain, whether you go for one of the surprising toppings or opt for the cream cheese classic, this round sandwich makes for a fine gluten-free lunch. 

Glutenvrije Super

This spot is an oasis for eaters with a gluten allergy. This supermarket called the Glutenvrije Super can be found at the Edisonstraat and is gluten-free! Fill your own kitchen up with their products for a delicious homemade meal, or get some sweets to snack on during a walk.

Viola's Patisserie

Looking for something to go with your coffee? At Viola's Patisserie in the Tongelre district, they are happy to help you. This shop is specialized in gluten-free, vegan, and sugar-free delicacies. And thanks to the high tea you can get a taste of everything: from chocolates to pastries with a cup of Italian coffee on the side.

Calypso - Wildschieters
Supermercado - Hanneke Wetzer


The Bar Bistro Calypso can be found at Stratumseind and could be recognized by the colorful terrace. Even more characteristic for this spot is the menu that’s filled with gluten-free and vegetarian options. Burgers, falafel, and sweet bites; there is plenty of choice for the gluten intolerant guest. 

De Burger

De Burger is the perfect place to order a good burger! And luckily, they have something for the gluten-free eater as well. All you have to do is swap out the ordinary burger for a gluten-free one. In the meantime, make yourself comfortable and prepare to take a juicy bite of one of the best burgers you ever had. 


CoffeeLab Strijp-S

This durable Supermercado located in CoffeeLab Strijp-S is not only a cozy hotspot but also the perfect place to get your gluten-free products. Pop in and choose from the range of organic snacks that not only taste good but also have a story to tell. 

The Prince

At The Prince on the Wilhelminaplein, gluten-free eaters can enjoy tapas carefreely. During dinner, you can enjoy all kinds of dishes from the tapas menu. For the late hours, there is a variety of matching cold and hot snacks to enjoy.