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7x Ice cream parlors

What's more refreshing than ice cream on a hot summer day? From Italian classics to innovative flavors, the following spots are definitely worth a visit. So, drop by these seven ice cream parlors in Eindhoven and discover your favorite! 

Zinin IJs & Chocolade

Are you in Woensel and in the mood for ice cream? Then you should try one of the creations at Zinin! The name of this ice cream parlor says it all, besides ice cream, they also specialize in everything chocolate, including chocolates, bubble waffles, and guilty pleasure milkshakes.

Intelligentia Taste Rooms

A must-visit when it comes to ice cream is Intelligentia Taste Rooms. Besides being nominated as the best ice cream parlor, this spot is the official winner of the 'golden ice creation' 2020. At the Ketelhuisplein you can reserve a table where you can enjoy icy cocktails and ice cream coupes. Want gastronomic ice cream to-go? Just join the queue to try their unusual flavors such as Cuban cigar and candy cane. Don’t worry, they also sell flavors that are more vanilla.

IJssalon Kees

Ijssalon Kees has been around since 1950 and knows everything there is to know about ice cream. The parlor in Eindhoven is located in the city center in one of the nicest spots; the Down Town Gourmet Market. You can’t book a table here, but that won’t be a problem. At the showcase on the outside, you can easily order your sweet treat!

Intelligentia Tase Rooms - Max Kneefel
Ijsje Strijp-S - Visit Brabant

Dutch Homemade

At Dutch Homemade the assortment consists of special flavors with an extra special touch. They ensure a lower sugar content in most of their ice cream. It’s something done during the process, and you might not even taste it. Slightly sweeter, but equally tasty are the homemade macaroons: crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside!


Ice cream season is here, and Firenze is ready for it. The ice cream parlor on Strijpsestraat is the oldest one in town and has been a household name since 1934. In short: it doesn't get any more traditional than this. 

Intelligentia Taste Rooms Macarons

Martini’s by Roma IJssalon

Remember that little ice cream parlor in the Heuvelgalerie? The Martini family may have moved to Victoria Park, but the family tradition continues. This beautiful establishment called Martini’s by Roma is not only open to ice cream lovers, but fans of Italian cuisine can also stop by for a pizza and an Italian lager.


You don't have to go far for nice ice cream. Are you in the city center and craving ice cream? Then Bastani is the answer. This ice cream parlor is on the corner of 'de Stadspoort'. With a showcase full of flavors, they've something for everyone.