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8x Drinks & bites

Do you have something to celebrate, or do you feel like having a drink? Go all out with some craft beers, a glass of wine, and perhaps, a cheese board. We have made a list of eight addresses where you can order drinks, bites, and snack platters. Cheers!


With the bites box by L'Avenue, your night is bound to be good. The box consists of hot and cold bite-size dishes: some homemade bread, olives, and nuts, plus delicacies like quiche. Yummy!

Varna Wijnen

Turn your living room into a wine bar with some red, white, or rose from the collection of Varna Wijnen. If you have already visited the spot, they will be happy to deliver your favorite glass of wine at home. Owner Varna Archer is more than happy to help you discover your favorite bottle of wine. Not sure where to start? Send a message for one of the sample boxes!

Café 100 Watt

You know Café 100 Watt as the café of Stadsbrouwerij. But did you know that they not only excel in beer but also in snacks? Take it to the test and judge for yourself. Fortunately, all the snack options (hello beer-infused cheese and pulled pork nachos) sound great.



At the end of Stratumseind, you will find the colorful hangout Ginscal. The name is a fusion of the two distilled drinks that are emphasized here: gin and the originally Mexican distilled drink mescal. There are over 400 cocktails on the menu, so you should definitely stop by for a cocktail or two. We would like to suggest to order some delicious Italian bites or even dinner to enjoy along with your drink. Can't choose? Owners Sara and Alex are happy to help you!


Thomas is known as that tropical hotspot with pink accents. Besides enjoying the interior, you can a taste of some of the best cocktails here. ‘Cocktail boss' Sten gives classic drinks a tropical Thomas twist. No clue what to go for? Then opt for the High Cocktail (inspired by the popular high teas)! This way you'll get three different dishes including a cheeseboard.

Thomas Tom Doms

Het Kleine Café

When you think of a brown café, you immediately think of the inseparable dark and smoky atmosphere that goes with it. That's a little different at het Kleine Café on the Wilhelminaplein. That’s why they label themselves as the modern version of it. They propagate this with three pages of cocktails including Gin & Tonics and a selection of Eindhoven Specials. Also for non-alcoholic enjoyment, they have plenty of choices!

Bar Republic

A new concept from the owners of The Roast Club: Bar Republic on the Kleine Berg. And this 'bar without borders' is very promising. Go all out with their classic cocktails, or try something new; they've made you a selections of their favorites. 

Fifth NRE

Fifth NRE is home to five different concepts, but The Bar is the place to go for cocktails. This place at the back of the building is specially designed to enjoy some drinks. An iconic spot for cocktails (they have a standard menu and signatures of the bartenders), high balls, and gin & tonic. Cheers!