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8x Unique outdoor drinking areas

Good news: it's that time of the year again! Outdoor drinking areas and sidewalk cafes pop up everywhere! So, sit back and relax. Want to enjoy a drink in the sun? We have listed eight unique outdoor drinking areas for you!

Van Alles en Co

Are you familiar with the Woensel Westside Stores yet? Here, you will find all kinds of shops and food spots like Van Alles en Co. A colorful coffee bar and vintage shop in one with a sidewalk cafe on Edisonstraat. What's unique about this place, is that everything you see is for sale. From the chairs to the vases, does something catch your eye? Just put it on the bill! 

Blue Collar Hotel

Outside the Blue Collar Hotel, you'll find a cosy and creative outdoor extension. It even has an outdoor stage, just as we expected from this hotspot with a serious rock 'n roll mentality! 


An ultimate favorite is the sidewalk cafe of Stadsbrouwerij, better known as Café 100 Watt. The reason why? You have got the Dommel as a view and award-winning beers as a thirst-quencher. The picnic tables and the cozy courtyard garden make this place extra fun. Enjoy!

Ketelhuis - Nadia ten Wolde
Radegast - Nadia ten Wolde


The jungle theme of Thomas translates itself on their outdoor drinking area in a slightly different way than you are used to. You won’t find a green jungle here; instead, you will find an urban jungle! For the reopening, artist Niels Bakkerus created graffiti artwork for the tables. 

Radegast 040 & DENF

Want to enjoy a drink with a view? Take a walk to De Witte Dame, where you'll find two unique outdoor areas overlooking the transformed Clausplein. One of them is DENF, where you can start your day with coffee, breakfast, and the first rays of sunshine. Then easily slide to their neighbors, Radegast 040, for a wide variety of beers and bites! 

Fifth NRE - Twycer

't Ketelhuis

One of the spots that always feels a little magical is the outdoor area of 't Ketelhuis. The tables scattered over almost the entire Ketelhuis square and the containers with new graffiti provide a refreshing view of Strijp-S.


Outdoor drinking area? No, outdoor ice cream area! Innovative ice cream parlor Intelligentia knows what's up. Their area has a fun theme, inspired by the Beverly Hills Hotel. Enjoy drinks, ice cream sundaes, or a luxury high tea on the Ketelhuisplein. All in tropical 50s style.

Fifth NRE

The NRE site is not just any industrial spot that has been transformed into a hip breeding ground. The place has a rich history as a gasworks site and a place for municipal utilities. Today, building five, now better known as Fifth NRE, is a lovely urban spot where you can go for a Sprout coffee, booze & bites, and luxury course menus.