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7x Very cozy restaurants

Some restaurants just feel like home. Candles on the table, great company, and that trusted living room feeling. Very cozy! After all, it is best to relax in the comfort of your 'own' living room, right? Do we hear an overwhelming yes? Then these seven restaurants are for you!

Restaurant Iris

You’ll find restaurant IRIS in one of the most charming neighborhoods of Eindhoven: the Iris neighborhood. That immediately explains the name. The restaurant feels like a brown café where vegetables steal the show. The menu is therefore packed with tasty, vegetarian dishes. Sounds good, right?

De Karseboom

One of Eindhoven's most charming and oldest cafes is café De Karseboom on the Grote Berg. Both inside and outside, it feels like home! This is the place to be for a vegetarian meal, just a drink, or an extensive dinner. Perhaps the best part is the ultra-green courtyard garden. You will love this place!

De Huiskamer Strijp-S

It's already in the name! The Huiskamer Strijp-S (dutch for living room) is decorated with vintage treasures, immediately setting the tone for the overall vibe. Here you can enjoy a delicious Surinamese snack while admiring the art of local and upcoming artists. Owner Aaisja certainly knows how to prepare tasty food and the best cocktails. Long story short: make sure to stop by sometimes. You're welcome!

De Huiskamer Strijp-S
De Huiskamer Strijp-S

Ketelhuis Strijp-S

Do you think concrete and steel feel cold? Well, think twice. At the Ketelhuis, the former Philips transformer house, they used to convert electricity to a lower voltage. So you could safely use electricity at home. Nowadays, you can enjoy a delicious and cozy dinner, including local dishes, natural wines from Slovenia, or refreshing cocktails on the sun-drenched terrace. Be sure to book a table soon!


We understand if you want to take these festive menus home with you. Presented as LP records, Gusto-040 offers a delectable menu of nourishing dishes on these unique menus. Vegan treats, Mediterranean tapas, and a healthy everyday meal. Use it to your advantage! Slipped up on the daily chop anyway? Don't panic! You can order it from Monday to Thursday.

The Trafalgar Pub

The one and only Shepherd's pie is a traditional British dish with minced lamb and mashed potatoes. You have to try this one! At The Trafalgar Pub on the Dommelstraat, you will enjoy affordable, fulfilling dishes accompanied by a well-deserved beer. About that Shepherd's pie: you will not regret it. Enjoy!

Eetcafé Bommel

Last but not least: Eetcafé Bommel on the Kleine Berg. Since there is no fixed menu, you can enjoy a wide range of culinary delights. Even if you are there every single day. The timeless brown cafe offers a homemade, affordable, and fresh menu daily. With vegetarian options as well! On their Facebook, they share what's for dinner. Or just walk in and be surprised!