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Give in to the spring fever: 5x tips for spring

The chirping of birds, the golden dawn, longer days. Things that make almost everybody happy, right? Want to know how to get the most out of spring? From thrift shopping to get-togethers at your local park, our tips give you an extra dose of that spring fever.

Like Marie Kondo herself

Spring has not yet officially begun or the itch is back: sorting, tidying, throwing stuff away. Every person with a little love for spring spontaneously turns into a Marie Kondo apprentice in March. If you can read between the lines, it means thrift stores and vintage shops will be stocked with gems. Time to make your move!

Beers & bitterballen

Can we open the drinks on sunny patio season already? Because why wait until the summer? The temperature is great and the entrepreneurs are ready (hopefully you are too). In short, it's time for beer and bitterballen. Luckily, Eindhoven has plenty of places for beer, and remember: where beer is, there are bitterballen. Tip for the real beer lovers among us: Bier & Big celebrates the end of winter with a festival on March 25

A picnic in the park

Nothing beats snack shopping and lazing around (preferably on a red and white checkered rug) while shoving everything you bought in your mouth. In the middle of the park. Because, why not? Since Eindhoven is one of the greenest cities in the Netherlands, you can find a suitable spot for a picnic in every district. How about one of these local parks? Or try the grass at the Ketelhuisplein at Strijp-S. That's always a good idea!


Out with the old, in with the new

Maybe, you've cleaned a little too much in an enthusiastic mood. No problem, because this way you have a great reason to go shopping. Keep that energy flowing and take it to our favorite boutiques. There, in addition to beautiful clothing, they have styling tips that work like magic. Perfect for strolling into the new season fresh.

Let's play outside

The great thing about longer days and good weather? Just being able to enjoy the outdoors. Especially for people with children. If you belong to that target group, here's some tips: from frolicking in one of the playgrounds to endless fun with our outdoor activities. Shoes on, jacket on, let's go!