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8x Places for a quiz night

Everything goes at trivia nights, from celebrity news to the periodic table, and from cartoons to geography. You don't have to be a genius to participate, as long as you know a bunch of trivial facts. In Brainport Eindhoven, we enjoy games to sharpen the mind. That's why you can go to all sorts of places for an evening of trivia. Check them all out!

Pub quiz at Stadscafé Spijker | every Monday

Monday is not a day that people look forward to. The weekend is over, we have to go to work. And worst of all: Friday is a hundred years away. Luckily, Spijker at Stratumseind has the perfect solution: Monday night, pub quiz night! Kick-start the week with a fun evening out, where you might even learn something new! Win-win.

Language: Dutch

Pubquiz040 at De Wildeman and The Jack | every Tuesday and Wednesday

Twice a week, De Wildeman on de Markt is packed with pub quiz enthusiasts. Here, you can compete against teams that also participate in national championships. Serious business! Grab a Burger Madness menu beforehand, and you're all set for an evening of quizzing. On Wednesdays, you can also go to The Jack at Stratumseind for the quiz by the gentlemen of Pubquiz040. 

Language: Dutch

PubQuiz at Plein 4 | every last Tuesday of the month

The PubQuiz at Plein 4 at Stationsplein is a popular event. If you've been here before, you know that there are quite a few tables. That means a serious amount of teams to compete with. Every once in a while, Plein 4 organizes theme quizzes. For example, a Harry Potter, HIMYM, Game of Thrones, or Friends quiz.  

Language: Dutch

International Quiz Night at Carrousel | every Thursday

Are you a lonely pub quiz lover? No worries! At the International Quiz Night of Number 42 at Carrousel, you can come alone. You will be given a spot in one of the mix & match teams. With a bit of luck, you'll meet people for your very own pub quiz team there! 

Language: English

Pubquiz Eindhoven
Pubquiz Eindhoven

Student Pub Quiz at De Zwarte Doos | once a month on Monday

Also from Pubquiz040, an international quiz for students at De Zwarte Doos on the TU/e campus. This quiz is usually the last or second-last Monday of the month. Keep an eye on the Facebook page of De Zwarte Doos if you don't want to miss the next one!

Language: English

Various quizzes at LAB-1 | a few times a month

Marvel, Friends, Harry Potter or Star Wars: a few times a month, LAB-1 organizes a theme quiz for real connaisseurs. You know, those types who know every detail from a movie or episode by heart. LAB-1 also has a monthly international quiz, ideal for English-speaking quiz lovers. 

Language: English or Dutch

High Tech Campus Pub Quiz Challenge | a couple of times a year

Once in a while, Number 42 organizes a huge pub quiz at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. Not for sore losers, because here, you are right in the middle of the smartest square kilometer of the Netherlands. Even just braving the challenge makes you a winner in our book. On the HTC event page, you can see when the next quiz is!  

Language: English

Quiz Night XL at the Klokgebouw | once a year

One quiz to rule them all: during the annual Dutch Technology Festival, the brightest minds from all over come to Eindhoven for this gigantic pub quiz in Klokgebouw. With 1,400 players and over 280 teams, this is truly a battle of the titans. In 2022, this spectacle will take place on June 16! Don't miss out! 

Language: English

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