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Food walk: Strijp

It's time to stretch your legs! With our mapped-out route around Strijp, we don't just take you along a sleek piece of industrial heritage. No, the forbidden city has much more in store for you, namely: good food and drinks. A strong cup of coffee, delicious sweets, fresh fries, and iconic bubble tea. Our kind of walk!


Of course, you are the boss of the walking route, but if we may be so bold, we recommend starting at Koffiehuisje. That way, you'll not only get a glimpse of the historic Philips village, but you'll also begin your walk with a bang: an excellent cup of coffee, possibly accompanied by a breakfast favorite. Start small with a piece of banana bread, some yogurt with granola, or a croissant with jam; there's more deliciousness in store!

Walk along the street called de Jonghlaan and go left on PSV-laan. At the intersection, go straight ahead on Philitelaan. Walk up to the Machinekamer located at Ketelhuisplein.

Koffie Koffiehuisje
Gebak Koffiehuisje


Next stop: Pastryclub! The Machinekamer (Machine Room) is home to this pastry paradise, which used to keep the entire site running. Now it's a patisserie, chocolaterie, confiserie, salon de thé and ice cream parlor all in one. Therefore, it is not unusual to get spontaneously stressed by the endless options to choose from. Let's make it easy on you: is it cold? Opt for a tea or a hot drink of your choice and cake! Is it getting hot in here, uh, outside? Then an ice cream is in order. But don't let us stop you from going for a frozen treat in the middle of winter.

On the street of the Klokgebouw, turn left. Then, turn left again and walk towards het Veem. Head towards the Zwaanstraat and go straight on at the traffic circle. Then follow the road until you have reached Het Laar. Turn right and turn left immediately after. 


Philips Fruittuin

You made it! It was a bit of a journey, but it's all worth it. The Philips Fruittuin, Philips Fruit Garden, is a popular destination for young and old. They organize apple-picking days (in September) and game parcours, and during summer, it is a real treat to relax on the sunny outdoor terrace of Pannenkoekenhuis de Proeftuin. Don't let the cold winter days shy you away from this spot. Because even when it's cold, they serve delicious hot cacao, traditional poffertjes, and Houben worstenbrood (sausage rolls).

Tip: Don't feel like going on a long walk? Then you might want to skip this spot. 

Walk the same route back and make a detour through the Philips de Jongh park if you like. At the traffic circle, turn right into Halvemaanstraat and walk to the Piet Hein Eek premises.

Zoetwaar Piet Hein Eek

Piet Hein Eek

Piet Hein Eek is no stranger to the design world, and that is putting it mildly. After Philips, he is the first occupant of Strijp-R and has given the old factory site an admirable design makeover. Nowadays, you can find his ceramics factory, studio, store, restaurants, and hotel there. For now, we stop at Friet Piet for fresh fries with homemade sauce and a soda. Here's something to look forward to: the pastries from the grand cafe. You're welcome!

Go back over the Halvemaanstraat (or head over to the Drents Dorp), and walk down the Zwaanstraat until you reach Strijps Bultje again. Walk along Leidingsstraat until you are in front of Tea Stories. 

Bubbelthee @ Tea Stories

Tea Stories

Last, best. At least, that's what people say. Let's say that the last stop on this walk will not disappoint you. So, about Tea Stories: owner Lucia was inspired by Chinese tea culture and, after quite some experimenting, made her dreams come true in the form of a soothing tea bar in Eindhoven. The most characteristic drink on the menu is their bubble tea, in all flavors. Another must-try is the mochi, sweet rice cakes. Prefer something savory to finish this food walk? The handmade dumplings are among our favorites!

Back to the starting point: Koffiehuisje. Walk along Torenallee towards the intersection and turn right on Gaslaan. Via Essenstraat, and alongside the Philips fountain, you walk towards Frederiklaan. Turn left and walk to the final destination.