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5x Carnival for people who hate Carnival music

Do you cringe at the thought of listening to loud Carnival music for five days, but are you in the mood for a fun dress-up party anyway? We will tell you where the safe havens are.

Want to learn what Carnival (our Eve of Lent celebration) is all about? Check our beginners’ guide!

RGB Disco 

At the Silent Disco at Stratumseind, you'll always have a channel without any of the dull carnival hits. The headphones make it less suitable for extravagant headwear, but you can take that into account when planning your outfit. We’re hoping there will be a Thunderdommel this year: Eindhoven's own Thunderdome (hardcore house). Keep an eye on the socials of Biki90 and the RGB Disco for updates!

Little One

Small but sweet, the Little One Bar on the Jan van Lieshoutstraat. This pub lives up to its name, so not for the claustrophobic Carnival-goer. And don’t go here with a full bladder because reaching the toilet is a mission in itself. Fortunately, the party extends to the street, so you can also just have a beer outside, away from Carnival music.

 Underdog Café

As a hater of Carnival music, you're the underdog for the coming week, so it's only apt that the Underdog Café on Kerkstraat is a safe haven for you. DJs like ELLE Rich and Marlon Galvao are playing, so you can let loose on R&B and hip-hop in your party costume. With a little luck, you can also score a perfect hangover breakfast here, double-win.

Groove Box

‘t Lempke

At 't Lempke on Stratumseind, they stay in the Olympic spirit with the theme 'Café 't Lempke goes for gold'. No idea what that means exactly, but it must have something to do with golden beer. We can't promise that they won't play a single Carnival hit here, but in general, you're pretty safe. 't Lempke also won several awards as best party café, so you can definitely have a blast here!

Oude Rechtbank

At the Oude Rechtbank on Stratumseind, it's a bit of Russian roulette. There are several areas, and the DJs prefer not to pollute their sets with bad covers and silly tunes. But on Facebook, we also spotted a #hoempa in their Carnival update, which hints at hoempapa or Carnival music. So, some alertness is appropriate. In any case, don't give up immediately if you are put off upon entering. Who knows, one of the other halls may be a better place to be.

Would you like to avoid the Carnival noise altogether but still have an amazing party? 
At Ketelhuis on the Grote Beek, you can go wild on Saturday at Soul City Dance. And 't Rozenknopje on the Hoogstraat is a safe haven every Carnival, under the slogan “Aan mijn lijf geen polonaise” (No conga line for me), for all the people who do not like smelly crowds, beer from plastic cups and strangers' hands on their bodies.