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6x Carnival for people who hate Carnival music

Do you cringe at the thought of listening to loud Carnival music for five days, but are you in the mood for a fun dress-up party anyway? We will tell you where the safe havens are.

Want to learn what Carnival (or Carnaval, our Eve of Lent celebration) is all about? Check our beginners’ guide!

RGB Disco 

At the Silent Disco at Stratumseind, you'll always have a channel without Carnival hits. The headphones make this club less suitable for extravagant headwear, but you can take that into account when planning your outfit. Keep an eye on the RGB Disco socials for updates!

Karnavall Kaputt @ Dynamo

Karnavall Kaput roughly translates to Break Carnival. Well, with a name like that, you know what to expect. No Carnival music, but the complete opposite. Karnavall Kaputt is an anti-carnival party for everyone who wants to party without doing the polonaise. On Sunday, 19 February, you can come to Dynamo to dance to hardstyle, rock to punk music, and mayhem with the aptly named DJ duo: Alles Moet Stuk (Everything Must Break). 

Minimal Town @ Mooie Boules

This Carnival, you can't throw any balls at Mooie Boules, but you can enjoy the best deep tech and minimal house at Minimal Town. There is no better antidote to carnival music. And best of all, this not-to-be-missed party on 18 February is completely free.

Groove Box

Herrie met Gerrie Carnavalfestival @Vibes Eindhoven

You might have heard of the iconic Herrie met Gerrie parties. They are always ready to entertain you with the freshest house music, so this year's Carnival is no different! On 18 February from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. in Vibes Eindhoven, the former Beursgebouw. The Herrie met Gerrie Carnavalfestival will cost you 15 euros, but it will keep you entertained all day and night. Small price to pay to avoid Carnival music, right?

Oude Rechtbank

They promised it for real this year. At the Oude Rechtbank on Stratumseind, you are completely safe, no 'hoempapa' (the traditional Dutch Carnival music) whatsoever. Instead, you can let loose to disco and house with NOVUM, glide, and slide to R&B. Costumes are not mandatory. 

De Stadsoase

They live up to their name again. Not a peaceful oasis, but an oasis of hoempapa-free partying. At De Stadsoase, you can dance to R&B, disco, and house music every day this Carnival. As they put it so nicely themselves: no regular conga line, but a twerking conga line! Curious to see what that looks like? Now you know where to go!