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4x Cool playgrounds for kids

Nothing beats a large outdoor playground where the children can play and run around all day. We selected four playgrounds in Eindhoven where the children can have fun while the parents enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.

Speeltuin Sint Joseph

This playground is located in the residential area of the Doornakkers. There is plenty to do, the kids can go on the swing, slide off the slide, and with a cable car as the icing on the cake, the fun can't stop! All the playground objects are appropriate for kids from 0 to 12.

Playground de Splinter

This large play park is especially for children between 0 and 12. There are many playground objects, like a construction corner for the young handymen, and a toddler corner for the little ones. On a hot summer day, the little ones can cool down in the special pools. With a petting zoo and a real pirate island, the kids have fun all day long.

Speeltuin St. Joseph
Playground for Kids

Playground Philipsdorp

A children's playground popular among parents: from the terrace, you have an overview of the whole playground so you can keep an eye on the children. From toddler swings to a kindergarten sandbox including a construction site, it’s all here. There is also plenty to do for the older kids, the soccer field and the four-story-high tower will keep them busy!

Philips van Lenneppark

This is a real play paradise for children. You will not only find climbing equipment, but also skate and stunt obstacle courses and a tennis court. There is also a basketball court and room for soccer. Our tip: this free spot is also the perfect place for a picnic or walk.