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10x Delicious deli shops

Whether it's your birthday, a holiday, or an ordinary Friday night on the couch, sometimes you just want to serve something special. The delis on our list offer delicious cheeses, Italian wines, homemade tapenades, and other goodies. Delicious and ready to eat in no time.

La Semolina

Italian at its best. At least, that's what the reviews of this Italian deli tell us. La Semolina, located at De Stadspoort, excels in pasta: tagliatelle, spaghetti, ravioli, maccheroni, fiori, fusilli; we could go on like this for a while, and we haven't talked about their sauces yet. Complete your Italian evening with salads, cheeses, antipasti, spreads, or desserts (tiramisu!). Or opt for all of them. You can find the Christmas order list here.


Are you a fan of cheese? So is Jokkmokk at Tongelresestraat! They're always on the hunt for new cheeses, preferably local, despite their Swedish name. But that doesn't mean they're not passionate about a French stinker from time to time. There's a lot to choose from: young, old, raw milk; ideal for a cheese board for a festive evening..


We're guessing you've grown quite an appetite by now. We'll kick it up a notch with our next stop, which is BUIK (belly!)on Bergstraat. This tasty deli shop, a neighbor of De Bierbrigadier, has everything to enrich your (dinner) party: from sweet rolls to beer cheeses and from homemade hot sauce to olive oil. And remember: a full belly makes for a happy head.


Delicious Store

While you’re in De Bergen, make sure to stop by Delicious Store on Kleine Berg. This deli is like a candy store for adults. Showcases and cupboards full of Spanish hams, fine charcuterie, confits, and jams, as well as delicious wines and port. Our recommendation: take your time! And treat yourself to one of their divine sandwiches, you deserve it!  

‘t Kaaswinkeltje

Since 1985, 't Kaaswinkeltje at Aalsterweg has been a go-to for many locals from all over the city, and not only for cheese. Could you use some help assembling your snack platter? Now you know where to go for olives, spreads, salads, roasted nuts, cheese, and wine selected by renowned wine expert Henri Bloem!

Slagerij Beerens

Are you looking for ready-made meals that only need a beep in the microwave? Or for freshly cut meat as a snack? Then Slagerij Beerens (butcher shop) might be the right spot for you. Besides smoked hams and other cured meats, they've got a great list of tapas boards, appetizers, and a range of buffets. They’ll make sure you know they’re an award-winning butcher!

Vershal het Veem

Saber Nuts

Everybody knows nuts are indispensable when it comes to snacking. At least, if you're not allergic to them. When strolling around Kruisstraat, the smell of these roasted goodies will welcome you. Crunchy nuts, sugar peanuts, roasted cashews, pistachios, smoked almonds, all of the best quality. Does your inner sweet tooth also crave something? Then score their homemade nougat in a variety of flavors!

Vershal het Veem

At Vershal het Veem you will find everything in one place: cheese, wine, Italian delicacies, sweets, and spices. We can't make it any easier! To keep it short and simple, we share a list of entrepreneurs for treats: Vleesrokerij Ad Reinders, Che Bonta Mercato Italiano, Wine & Nuts, Jardin D'olive, and Hicham.  

KURK organic wines

What's a festivity without wine? Nothing, if you'd ask us! In Woensel-West on the Edisonstraat, you will find KURK, a shop specialized in organic wines. From classics to newfound favorites, owner Esther has something in store for everyone.


Also highly recommended: the Turkish supermarket Öztürk at Sint Petrus Canisiuslaan. Is this your first time visiting? Be warned! Once you arrive at the deli counter, you will want to try everything. We repeat: EVERYTHING! Nobody can resist their fresh hummus, tzatziki, or peppadew spread. And nobody should.