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5x Carefree holiday shopping

Do you want to shop for the holidays? Then Eindhoven - the shopping city of the southern Netherlands - is the right place for you. Below, we have listed five tips for a responsible visit. See you soon!

Start on time 

The holidays are fast approaching; the city and the shopkeepers are all set. Start early to avoid last-minute stress and the crowds. 

Shop on weekdays or early in the morning

It is much less crowded, and you can do your shopping in peace. Most stores open on weekdays at 9:00 (noon on Mondays). Because of the COVID-19 measures, the stores close at 17:00. Tip: check out the crowd tracker prior to your visit.

Shop outside the city center

Want to avoid the crowds? Then head for other vibrant city districts. Woensel-West, Strijp-S and De Bergen are full of special stores. Here, it is often just a tad quieter, and you can easily score a unique gift. 

Bijenkorf Nick Bookelaar
Heuvel Max Kneefel

Wear a face mask and keep your distance

In all stores, a face mask is mandatory. Try to keep as much distance from others as possible, both inside and outside the stores. Check out our COVID-19 page for an overview of all measures. 

Order online or gift an activity

Would you rather stay at home? Many of your favorite stores in Eindhoven have a webshop. Looking for an original gift that doesn't require you to go to the stores? Then consider a voucher for a dinner, museum, hotel stay or other activity. 

Looking for more tips to wrap up the year in Eindhoven? Check out our holiday season page