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5x Flower and plant shops

Looking for some fresh energy for your home? At these florists and plant shops, you can buy a little something to brighten up your home (and your life!) during these dark days.

Dille & Kamille 

Among the kitchen utensils, gadgets, and other trinkets you'll also find greenery in all sorts of forms at Dille & Kamille. In the Eindhoven store, we advise you to head out to the cozy corner full of green friends. Are you also looking for nice pots to install your plants? Then you've come to the right place!

Bloemisterij Hartogs

A green oasis at Kleine Berg: Bloemisterij Hartogs. When you walk past this somewhat hidden shop, your eyes just get drawn to the colorful display. Need more time to enjoy this beautiful view? Then step inside and treat yourself to one of their house plants or bouquets. An extra cactus, gold palm, or pretty bouquet of flowers has never hurt anybody! 

Oktober in Huis

The green in front of the facade immediately shows what this place has to offer. From quirky plants to classic red roses, and from vases to home accessories, Oktober in Huis has it all. 

Bloemisterij Hartogs
Bloemisterij Hartogs

‘t Genderdal Groenkunstenaars

Both the name and execution are proof of ‘t Genderdal Groenkunstenaars, the latter meaning greenery artists. Their bouquets are outspoken and their plants well cared for. Are you from the neighborhood? Then we recommend their flower subscriptions for at home or at the office.

Het Groene Thuis

Het Groene Thuis is pretty green: trendy houseplants, green for inside and out, and dried flower bouquets for flower enthusiasts. They also have everything for vertical gardening, including the necessary tips.