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7x Sustainable gifts

For those who care about the planet, gift shopping can be quite the conundrum. On the one hand, you want to buy nice things for family and friends, on the other hand, you don't want to put your principles aside just because it’s someones birthday. Fortunately, there are plenty of places in Eindhoven where you can buy a sustainable gift!

Vintage toys and children's clothing at Coco Loco

When it comes to sustainable gift shopping, second-hand items are always a good choice. Coco Loco on the Edisonstraat has 150 square meters filled with vintage toys and second-hand children's clothes. You never get the feeling that you are browsing in a second-hand store, because everything is washed, ironed, cleaned and/or refurbished. Are you bringing your kids? Then drop them off at the play area in the middle of the store, where they will be happy, entertained and out of your hair. 

Sustainable goods at WAAR

At WAAR on the Vrijstraat, everything is great as a sustainable gift. Books on sustainable living, for instance. From vegan recipe books to a guide to making your own beauty products. They also offer home accessories, plants, and sustainable coffee, tea, and chocolate in pretty packages. Small budget? Then choose something from their list of 50 gifts of less than ten euros

Interior goodies from LOADS040

LOADS040 is the place to be for vintage furniture and home accessories, but also retro, antique and bric-a-brac. This former metal warehouse at the Aalsterweg has been transformed into a playground where creative entrepreneurs collect their best finds: from crazy gadgets to high-end secondhand furniture. Perfect for sustainable little gifts or big presents for when you wish to make an impact. 

Oktober in Huis
Oktober in Huis

Go green at Oktober in Huis

A greener world starts with yourself. Besides, plants are good for your health and mood, and they give every interior a boost. So, give someone a plant! At Oktober in Huis on Keizersgracht, they sell plenty of plants with stylish matching pots. You can also buy other home accessories here, or get a lovely bouquet of flowers for a holiday dinner at the in-laws. They have sustainability high on their agenda, so Oktober in Huis is always a good place to be. 

This will make you happy: The Scenery Shop

A boost to everyone's mood is a visit to The Scenery Shop. Indulge yourself in cushions, cards, craft supplies, and many other goodies. All are super colorful and made from recycled or fair trade materials. The Scenery Shop is located at KEVN, behind Eindhoven Strijp-S station. A great place to grab a coffee too!

Pampering with a clear conscience at The Body Shop

The Body Shop is essentially the godmother of sustainable beauty products. The company started in 1976, in the heyday of the hippies, and has never let go of that ‘anything for a better world’ mentality. And we love them for it, because that's why this has been a go-to spot for beauty products for decades. Body butters, perfume, makeup, bath bombs. All fair trade, sustainably produced, and cruelty-free: you want it! You can find The Body Shop in the Heuvelgalerie.

Sustainable design by Yksi Expo

At Yksi, you can score sustainable design for your home. For example, accessories made of ceramic or recycled plastic. A good choice if you want to gift something extraordinary. Incidentally, these sustainable gifts don’t break the bank: you can also find gifts with a small price tag here. While you’re there, the exhibition at Yksi is worth a visit. Just like the kimchi made by Korean foodLAB. Feel free to treat yourself after all that sustainable shopping!