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9x Shopping at Strijp-S

Shopping in Eindhoven? There’s plenty of shopping areas to do so, but this week we’re heading out to bustling Strijp-S. With a wide range of trendy shops, the 'forbidden city' is a must-visit on your shopping trip. Take a look at our tips and addresses at Strijp-S!

Fashion Stores

At Strijp-S there is something for everyone, especially when it comes to clothing. Those who are always looking for unique finds have to take a look at the following addresses.

Studio .Ruig
Feminine, minimalistic, and above all sustainable, you don't need more words to describe Studio .Ruig. Exactly for that reason, this clothing store is worth your visit. When shopping at this place, you’re guaranteed of items you’ll love forever.

Throwback Classics
A visit to Strijp-S means a visit to the Urban Shopper. Inside this urban shopping mall, you will find all kinds of shops, including Throwback Classics. This shop is run by two brothers and their love for vintage and second-hand fashion. Everyone who is looking for unique items with an urban feel is at the right address here.

Frankie’s Favorites
We'll stay in the vintage category for our next recommendation: Frankie's Favorites. Within this eclectic interior - between the palm trees - you shop for pre-loved designer items of well-known fashion brands. From bags to tops, here at this shop, you'll find your future favorites.

Urban Shopper
Gusj Hanneke Wetzer

Home Decor Stores

With Strijp-S as a perfect backdrop, the following home decor stores will stand-out even more. Take a look at our picks!

As the Dutch name suggests, this shop is a good place when it comes to seating. Chairs, sofas, and armchairs, their furniture with fine design stand out thanks to the industrial building. An inspirational style to implement at home.

Room108 & Gusj Market
Feel like getting lost for hours between vintage furniture and the latest interior design trends? Then put Room 108 & Gusj Market on your list. In this old Philips engine room, you can browse through new styles and playful items to give your home a new look. And as a bonus, it will be a beautiful memento of your trip!

Urban Shopper
The Urban Shopper in Eindhoven is a unique and exclusive shopping mecca with twenty special stores, the place to be for shoppers who want to experience something other than the city center. You will find the Urban Shopper on the first floor of the Anton building, a former Philips factory hall.                          

Vershal Het Veem

Specialty Stores

Tea, design, and other specialties, a visit to Strijp-S is not complete without a stop at one of the many specialty shops. Below you will find some of our favorites!


Yksi Expo is a platform that brings together Dutch Design, technology, architecture and other creative disciplines, dedicated to sustainable design and circular design. Even better: you can also buy all kinds of beautiful things. Rugs and ceramics, for example.

Velo d'Anvers
Also located in the former Philips engine room, is the bike shop Velo d'Anvers. A shop specialized in, yes, bicycles. Here you won't run into any brand new models, but everything from vintage versions to craftsmanship staples. Also worth a visit for those who are not looking for a new bike.

Vershal het Veem
You've come to the right place, for a variety of specialty stores. Vershal het Veem is bursting with exceptional stores. A few examples: you can go to Hicham for all kinds of herbs, shop at Jardin d'Olive for oils and honey, and buy the most delicious wines at Ludo Mertens. Enough to see, smell, and taste!