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Strijp-S has become a household name in Eindhoven and beyond. A great example of the transformation of a historic industrial complex into a dynamic urban district, where housing, work, and culture converge. Eindhoven has a lot of experience in the field of urban development. Strijp-S is a wonderful example of this; an area with its own designated urban development vision. With a fascinating past, a lively present, and a pioneering future. This large-scale Philips industrial heritage is truly invaluable.

Our city guide will be delighted to take you on this inspirational experience tour. You will visit historic Philips buildings like the Machinekamer and the Natlab. New initiatives, sustainability, and innovation also receive attention.

Strijp-T and Strijp-R

Want to discover even more about Strijp? Then book a tour of Strijp-T and Strijp-R. Two former factory sites, each with its own story. For example, As we speak, Strijp-T is developing around the old power station and appears to be the perfect lookout for a glimpse over the city.At Strijp-R, you will meet the first 'resident' after Philips, designer Piet Hein Eek. You'll be amazed by his large ceramics factory, studio, store, restaurant, and soon his own hotel. In addition, during this tour, you will also discover special forms of housing with a clear nod to the past.

Want to combine the Strijp-S tour with the Strijp-T and Strijp-R area? Ask about the options.

Ketelhuisplein Strijp-S tour
Machinekamer Strijp-S Tour by Nick Bookelaar

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Duration: 2,5 hrs
Price: € 145,00 per guide
Persons per guide: max. 15 persons

The walks are possible every day, subject to availability.

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Strijp-S Tour by Nick Bookelaar