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A local's guide: a winter day with Claudia

From quirky boutiques to design hotspots, and from fine dining to cozy city breweries: Eindhoven is the perfect city for a city trip or day of shopping. Whether you want to end the year on a high note or are already planning a trip for next year: local guide Claudia van Schilt of Free Walking Tour Eindhoven will tell you where to go to guarantee your visit is a success!

Warming up on the Market Square

Coming by train or parking in the city center? Then kick off your visit to Eindhoven with a drink at one of the cosy cafés on the Markt. Brave the cold from underneath a blanket, or just head inside! Either way, the atmosphere on this square is fantastic: you immediately get that winter wonderland feeling. Settle down and plan the rest of your day over a hot chocolate! 


Emma District

Get some interior design inspiration at Sissy-Boy
On the Nieuwe Emmasingel, you'll find lots of great stores. My favorite is Sissy-Boy. They not only have beautiful clothes here but also plenty of home accessories and even pieces of furniture. Perfect for getting interior design inspiration and shopping for gifts: they have plenty of lovely home accessories. Vases, cushions, candleholders, you name it! 

Leafing through books and drinking coffee at Van Piere
A bit further down the street, you will find Van Piere: a gorgeous and large bookstore. You can easily spend an hour wandering around here. At Coffeelovers in the basement, you can leaf through your purchases while enjoying a good cup of coffee. I love going to the travel department. Especially in the bleak winter months, you can find inspiration here for your next sunny trip. Dream away to the sun.|

Discover the Emma District
Boekhandel Van Piere


Sustainable design at Yksi Expo
From the Nieuwe Emmasingel, you can reach Strijp-S by bus in a few minutes. You can also walk there, which will take you about fifteen minutes. With many unique stores and eateries, Strijp-S is really worth a visit. At Yksi Expo, you can see and buy Dutch design. Everything in the store is produced with great attention to sustainability and the reuse of materials. I also like to go here when I'm looking for an unconventional gift. 

Lunch at Soeppa! or Tea Stories
In Vershal het Veem, you will find plenty of eateries and delis. Looking for a tasty winter lunch? Scoop up a big bowl of soup at Soeppa! The soups are rich, so you’ll get a full meal that will sustain you for a few hours. 

Prefer a lighter lunch? At Tea Stories, they serve delicious snacks such as avocado kimchi toast and dumplings. And of course tea! The popular bubble tea and many unique tea blends. My favorite is the Lavender Milk Latte. Tea Stories also sells a do-it-yourself bubble tea kit and several luxury teas in pretty boxes. Great as a small gift for the holidays!  

Stocking up on gifts at Urban Shopper
This small shopping center is home to several unique stores. De Boekenberg, a children's bookstore, is a favorite of mine and my child. And a book is always a good gift, right? I really like the store Timeless as well. A cozy spot with products from exotic places, such as luxury Oriental bathrobes and characteristic Moroccan lamps. Tip: check out the Christmas decorations they sell here, such as Chinese wish flags.                                             

Frankie's Favorites

Vintage gems at Frankie's Favorites
Frankie's Favorites is one of my favorite vintage stores in the city. And that's saying a lot, because Eindhoven is a true paradise for vintage lovers! At Frankie's, they sell vintage of great design brands for a great price. But also nice accessories, for example. I never leave here empty-handed, so be warned!

Cozy dining at the Ketelhuis
Are you still at Strijp-S at the end of the afternoon? Then be sure to linger for a bite to eat. There are plenty of restaurants here: from cheerful eateries to Asian fusion hotspots. My favorite is Ketelhuis. I love their atmosphere and the ambience, it's cozy, like a living room. Their concept is that you should know what you are eating, and be able to recognize ingredients. Honest, pure food, which above all is very tasty.

Discover Strijp-S


Admire Dutch design at Strijp-R
Do you have a little more time? Then head over to Piet Hein Eek at Strijp-R. You can walk there from Strijp-S in fifteen minutes. Piet Hein Eek is one of the most famous designers of our country, and rightly so. He has an exhibition space at Strijp-R where you can also see and buy work from other artists and designers. Thanks to the large windows in the building you can peek into the workshop where his famous furniture is made. Hungry? Then stop by Friet van Piet. The fries and snacks here are also design-worthy. From loaded mushroom fries to a carrot curry croquette. 

Discover Strijp-R
Piet Hein Eek

De Bergen

Shopping for unique children's clothes at Mase Conceptstore
Tired of Strijp and time to spare? Then come with me to De Bergen. This cozy part of town almost feels a bit like being in a Southern European country, with its many outdoor cafes and cozy boutiques. My favorite store for children's clothing is Mase Conceptstore. Here, you won't find a dime a dozen children's clothes, but sustainable and timeless items. 

Straight from the catwalk in Paris to 2Balou
Stylish and a little edgy is how I would describe the clothes at 2Balou. This beautiful store is run by two sisters, Daisy and Nadine, who regularly travel to France to bring the latest fashion trends to the Netherlands. Would you like to give your closet a boost but don't know how? This is the place to go for personal style advice. 

Vintage with a twist at Eeden Conceptstore
Talking about boutiques owned by sisters: sisters Tessa and Evy run this store on Bergstraat. They restore vintage clothing and sometimes pimp it so that it is contemporary again. In addition, they have their own clothing line. Perfect for a unique outfit. 

Eeden Conceptstore

Genuine Eindhoven coffee at Lucifer
Eindhoven has quite a lot of coffee shops per capita, which is great for me as a coffee fanatic. One of my favorite spots is Lucifer. The living room atmosphere here is so laid back. You can definitely relax there. The staff also deserves an honorable mention: they always cheer you up. My favorite drink is the flat white with oat milk. Do you like their coffee? Then you can take a bag of Eindje Blend home with you. Also available as cups for a Nespresso machine. Handy!

A trip to France at Le Cozy
At Le Cozy you can picture yourself in a small French bistro. They have a delicious vegetarian pasta with ricotta and mushrooms. And those real French classics that you can hardly find anywhere else. As a self-proclaimed coffee fanatic, I can't help but recommend the coffee friandises as a finishing touch: you get a good cup of coffee with a box of treats. 

Discover De Bergen
Etalage Bijenkorf


Not done shopping yet?
From De Bergen, you can be back in the center within two minutes. Here, you'll find almost all the major (international) chain stores. You can easily spend a few hours here! Be sure to stop by the De Bijenkorf. A beautiful, departmentstore with - especially at this time of year - a fantastic window display. 

Breathtaking views and delicious cocktails at VANE Skybar
You can end the day perfectly at VANE Skybar. Especially in winter, this place offers a spectacular view of the city with all its lights in the evening. The cocktails here are delicious. From classics to surprising new flavor combinations: truly a party in your glass. 

Vane Skybar

Beer with the locals at the City Brewery
Not big on cocktails? Then head to the Stadsbrouwerij to end the day with a real Eindhoven beer. This is a place where plenty of locals come and you immediately feel at home. 

Sleep well in NH Hotel Collection
Do you want to stay the night? In the same building as VANE you will find the NH Hotel Collection Hotel. I always recommend this to people who wish to book a weekend away in Eindhoven. Hospitable, beautiful decor, comfortable beds. I only hear good things about this place. Sleep well!

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Claudia van Schilt

About Claudia

Claudia van Schilt is totally in love with Eindhoven. So much so that she organizes free walking tours so that others can enjoy the city as much as she does. More tips from Claudia or want to join her free walking tours? Check out her website or follow @Fab040 on Instagram!