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A tip from Rik: Bier & Big Festival

If you like beer, festivals, and fun, then Rik has the perfect tip for you! At the creative breeding ground called Sectie-C, you can taste all kinds of good brews. We, and especially Rik, is talking about the Bier & Big Festival.

Eindhovens beer festival

It’s very obvious: at Bier & Big, they love a party. For almost every occasion they will host one. They like to celebrate the beginning of summer and the end of the winter, host a festival as an ode to the coldest, but perhaps the coziest season and sometimes even the end of summer has to be celebrated (Rik doesn't blame them). Clearly, this festival is all about beer, and who’s better to curate this than a beer lover? That's why de Bierbrigadier and Chris Swart work together. They’re always looking for new breweries and their most original brews. Fresh, fun, new, or old school, the line-up is always a surprising mix of national and international brewing enthusiasts.   

Bier & Big

Brewing & breeding

Where a few editions have been hosted on Ketelhuisplein, Strijp-S, the festival has moved to Sectie-C: home to more than 250 makers and designers. Located in Tongelre, on the east side of Eindhoven, four former factories have been transformed into studios of all kinds of designers. During the annual Dutch Design Week, this place turns out to be one of the absolute highlights where innovative design and a friendly vibe come together. When you add the right amount of specialty beers, throw in some excellent food and have a great venuem it's going to be a great celebration. Cheers to that!

Bier & Big
Bier & Big
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