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A tip from Rik: De Fabriek

Hidden behind the Hoogstraat you will find the impressive halls of De Fabriek. Once a book bindery blessed by the local priest, now fertile ground for artists from the Netherlands and abroad. De Fabriek offers them the opportunity to stay for two months as an artist in residence, but also regularly hosts interesting events that can be attended by everyone.

Eindhoven's maker culture

Founded in 1980, De Fabriek focuses on making art possible. In the large hall of 466 m2 artists can work on new projects and present these to an audience. A great deal of attention is paid to the creative process. There are Artist Talks to discuss the themes artists are working and residents are being stimulated as much as possible throughout the process. If you’d like to know more about Eindhoven’s maker culture, De Fabriek is certainly worth a visit.

De Fabriek

Artists in residence

The artist in residence program is aiming for artists to broaden their horizons and make crossovers with other disciplines. Previously, there was a Spanish artist in residence who was doing research on global food production and the position of the Netherlands in this field. What are we good at and how does this affect the world?

De Fabriek
De Fabriek

Grand opening

The ending of a residency also means the opening of an exhibition. De Fabriek organises special events to mark these moments and they’re free and open to all. But also during the residencies there are events where makers share their process and progress.

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