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A tip from Rik: Dynamo

There is one place in Eindhoven that acts as a youth center, pop stage, workshop space and school all in one. Like to have a guess where Rik is taking us? You're right, it's Dynamo!

Old and new

You will find the striking building of Dynamo in downtown Eindhoven, opposite the St. Catharine’s Church. Rik explains that it is a project of Diederendirrix, an architectural firm that is also responsible for the redevelopment of the Witte Dame, Domus DELA and the Vertigo building on the TU/e campus. When you stand in front of Dynamo, you will see a clear reflection of the church. This icon was chosen as the starting point for the design, to emphasize the strong relationship between old and new in Eindhoven. Furthermore, the bronze and dark red colours of the façade can also be found on the church.

The Ruggeds

Platform for talent

Dynamo describes itself as a platform for talent. The center uses young people's passion for music, dance, art and sports to keep them on the right track and offers them the opportunity to learn and grow. The Ruggeds are one of the most famous examples of a group that once started at Dynamo. Youngsters can come to Dynamo for a wide range of activities and workshops. Think of urban sports disciplines to vlogging and social media and from street art to mindfulness.

Step in the Arena
Step in the Arena

Events and volunteers

In addition to providing rehearsal space for (small) bands, Dynamo also offers a stage for concerts, events and festivals. It organizes annual events such as graffiti festival Step in the Arena and Dynamo Metal Fest. Many events and activities are set up by volunteers. As a volunteer, young people can further develop their talent or passion in, for example, event organisation, PR & communication, music management, leadership, lighting & sound, multimedia and set construction.

About the host Rik Verhalle
Rik studied architecture and is a city guide in Eindhoven. Every month he shares a tip.​