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A tip from Rik: Ginscal

At the end of Stratumseind, between the bars and other hospitality establishments, you will find gin and agave bar Ginscal, a cheerful hangout driven by a passion for cocktails. Come along with Rik!

Ginscal's History

That Eindhoven is a city full of surprises proves the longest bar street in the Netherlands, amongst other things. You'll find the bar Ginscal there, a place specialized in cocktails with gin and the originally Mexican distilled drink mescal. Opening a bar in Eindhoven was a conscious one by the Italian Sara and Alex. Of course, the vibe appealed to them, but they also saw the potential for their unique cocktail concept. With a gin bar with the same name on the sunny island of Malta, a second establishment did not come as a surprise. But to Rik, it was a pleasant one.  


Sunny South

Back to the Eindhoven Ginscal. With the sunny interior and one of the 400 delicious cocktails in your hand, you almost imagine yourself at the beach. Sara and Alex serve everything from real classics, like the margarita, to experimental tiki cocktails. Rik recommends their signature "Papa Luani" cocktail with mescal, pineapple, and coffee. But the unique flavors are not only limited to the drinks; the snacks are also worth mentioning. Bruschetta, caprese, Venice-style meatballs: they serve a lot of Italian deliciousness. Feeling adventurous? There are Mexican crickets and seasonal grasshoppers on the menu as well. Yummy!