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A tip from Rik: Het Wasven

Like to know the perfect hangout during tropical temperatures? Het Wasven is the ideal place to spend a hot summer day. Hop on your bike and let Rik lead you to the district of Tongelre.

Care farm surrounded by nature

Hidden in the greenery you will stumble upon a farm with a restaurant, an organic bakery and the first organic beekeeping in the Netherlands. The entire area is managed as 'Groendomein Wasven', a foundation aiming to preserve and strengthen the farm and the surrounding estate through sustainable development. Het Wasven has been set up as a care farm, which means that people with mental illness work together with professionals and volunteers. In addition to a large terrace where you can sit in the sun during the day, there is a 3-kilometre route across the estate for those who love a walk or bike ride.

't Wasven

Effenaar 't Wasven

Rik also tells us about a successful annual collaboration between de Effenaar and Het Wasven: live music festival Effenaar 't Wasven. This event is one of the many activities of the Effenaar outside their own location. On three summer sundays in June, July and August you can enjoy specialty beers, organic juices and an extensive food line up amidst nature. The performances are given by local talent. When visiting Effenaar 't Wasven, pay attention to the plane tree above the stage, proclaimed as one of the lucky spots of Eindhoven!

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