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A tip from Rik: Intelligentia Taste Rooms

Rik's new Tip is surprising, innovative, and particularly good at combining flavors. It sounds like a dream, but you can experience it in real life at Taste Bar Intelligentia at Strijp-S.

Scientific approach 

Not so long ago, Intelligentia moved to a building directly on the Ketelhuisplein. Usually, the ice cream season officially opens at the end of February, but you can taste the original flavors of Bjorn Cocu all year round. The creations of Intelligentia are not only tasty, but they're brilliant too. The surprising combinations don't just fall out of the sky: the ingredients are combined based on hidden taste profiles—a scientific approach resulting in unforgettable ice cream or other delicacies. 


Wonderful flavors

Every month you can taste new recipes, and don't be surprised when stumbling across flavors such as 'Mother milk,' 'Worstenbrood ice cream,' and Rik's favorite 'Smokey Sigar' among the classics like their chocolate ice cream with olive oil. It's not just the ice cream that has an extraordinary taste; the chocolates, ice-cakes, and other pretty tasty pastries made by pastry chef Thomas Knoops seem out of this world.

Taste rooms

This ‘other world’ is not only expressed in their sweet consumptions. The creative experience of the taste rooms, created by Sabine Cocu, makes for a fairytale-like visit. The candy pink-colored Frozen Room, where you enter the Taste Bar, is perhaps the best-known taste room: the spot where you order a scoop of innovative ice cream.


Tasty experience

With the following five, there’s a total of six rooms that turn Eindhoven into a Wonderland: the Liquid Room, Experience Room, Wonder Room, the Un-Room, and the Fan Room. Imaginative ice cocktails are served in the Liquid Room, a mix of a cocktail and some ice cream. According to Rik, you feel like Alice in Wonderland in the surrealistic Wonder Room during an Afternoon Tea, including a cup of blue tea. And to end things off, there’s a room for the ultimate fans. Intelligentia fanatics can buy macaroons, chocolate bars, and ice cream cakes to enjoy at home in the specially designed Fan Room.

About the host Rik Verhalle
Rik studied architecture and is a city guide in Eindhoven. Every month he shares a tip.​